The Secret to Rocking a One-Piece Swimsuit and Not Looking Old-Fashion | Lookbook Store

The Secret to Rocking a One-Piece Swimsuit and Not Looking Old-Fashioned

Posted: Sep 02 2016 by Lookbook Store

The Secret to Rocking a One-Piece Swimsuit and Not Looking Old-Fashioned | Lookbook Store


Usually, when you hear the words one-piece swimsuits, you immediately associate it with those swimwear pieces that your grandma or mom would wear to the beach. In fact, they rocked these styles with so much confidence and elegance. They were queens who slayed this beach style game during those times. This is why a lot of younger women used to shy away from this type of swimsuit. They don’t want to be caught looking old-fashioned on the beach. After all, it’s not a place for covering up and looking frumpy in one-piece swimwear.


Thankfully, nowadays, there are one-piece swimsuits that can be as sexy as your bikinis. Swimwear designers have found a way to make them hotter, bolder, more interesting to ensure they can cater for a wide range of taste and preference.


If you want to try your luck with a one-piece swimwear, you can do so without looking like your beloved granny or your beautiful mother. By keeping this modern style guide in mind, you can be sure to slay in a one-piece swimsuit even more than your friends who wear two-piece bikini sets.


Look trendy in strappy pieces.


Clothes with multiple straps are the in thing nowadays. So, if you want to look trendy in a one-piece, choose those with lots of straps, be it in a crisscross, cutout or lace-up style to add an edgy, modern touch to your beach outfit. However, to stay true to this classic style, stick to classic colors.


Black Lace-Up Swimsuit | Lookbook Store

Black Lace-Up Swimsuit


Back Cross Swimsuit - Black | Lookbook Store

Back Cross Swimsuit - Black


Go for a striking pattern.


This should be the easiest way to make any monokini or maillot look more up-to-date and more attractive. Besides, wearing bright, loud patterns will definitely give you a seductive and modern look that’s miles away from how your mom looked in her retro style. Aside from that, there’s no better way of showing off your style credentials than in a one-piece swimsuit that has bold patterns on it.


Floral Sweetheart Neckline Multi-Strap Halter Swimsuit | Lookbook Store

Floral Sweetheart Neckline Multi-Strap Halter Swimsuit


Tropical Print Strappy Back Monokini | Lookbook Store

Tropical Print Strappy Back Monokini

Keep things classy with minimalism.


Nothing says millennial style better than minimalistic designs and clean styles, like the no-fail color-blocked pieces. By choosing swimsuits in solid colors and with simple lines, you’ll surely stand in a sea of multi-straps, fringes and ruffles. Remember: you can never go wrong with simple yet classy pieces.


Black Textured Halter Swimsuit | Lookbook Store

Black Textured Halter Swimsuit


Black and White Scallop-Trim Swimsuit | Lookbook Store

Black and White Scallop-Trim Swimsuit


Choose something retro with a modern twist.


When it comes to classic clothing, you’ll want to travel further back in time. With swimsuit trends in the 50’s to 70’s, you’ll surely look mesmerizing with a touch of retro. You’ll want these swimwear styles.


Backless Tied Waist One-piece - Black | Lookbook Store

Backless Tied Waist One-piece - Black


Bordeaux Crossover Ruched Swimsuit | Lookbook Store

Bordeaux Crossover Ruched Swimsuit


Red Multiway Swimsuit | Lookbook Store

Red Multiway Swimsuit


Opt for a fail-safe all-black beach look.


If you’re someone with an edgy personality, you’ll love an all-black look even on the beach. Aside from creating a fierce look, the color black has a slimming effect, which is what a lot of woman want. These sexy styles will definitely suit your taste.


Black Mesh-Strap Ruched Swimsuit | Lookbook Store

Black Mesh-Strap Ruched Swimsuit


Black Classic Low-Back Swimsuit | Lookbook Store

Black Classic Low-Back Swimsuit


Black Lace Cutout Open-Back Swimsuit | Lookbook Store

Black Lace Cutout Open-Back Swimsuit


Take seduction to a whole new level with lace-up swimsuits.


Want to boost your sex appeal? Lace-up swimsuits will surely be your thing. These uber-sexy swimwear styles never fail to make everyone look even more seductive. So take your sexy side up a notch by wearing styles like these:


White Lace-Up Low-Back Swimsuit | Lookbook Store

White Lace-Up Low-Back Swimsuit


Red Plunge Halter Tie-Front Swimsuit | Lookbook Store

Red Plunge Halter Tie-Front Swimsuit


When all else fails, choose girly.


Swimsuits with girly, flirty designs are always a fail-safe option. This is especially true if you have a boxy or athletic figure as it can give you a more feminine look. Besides, swimwear with sweet and classy designs can never go out of style, which means that you can wear them for several seasons. You might want to check out these sultry designs.


Light Blue Lace Halter Swimsuit | Lookbook Store

Light Blue Lace Halter Swimsuit


Pink Lace Fringed Halter Swimsuit | Lookbook Store

Pink Lace Fringed Halter Swimsuit


Black Lace-Trim Halter Swimsuit | Lookbook Store

Black Lace-Trim Halter Swimsuit


To ensure you’ll look mesmerizing on the beach, though, it’s important that you know your body shape. One of the reasons a lot of women shun one-piece swimsuits is that they are afraid this style will not be flattering or will not show off their curves. The key to looking great in a maillot or monokini is to find the design that highlights your assets. Don’t worry about hiding your washboard abs while wearing this style. You can go for pieces with strategically placed cutouts or mesh panels that will show off your taut tum. If you’re someone with a heavier midsection, find a one-piece suit that has ruching to cover up this area. To create the illusion of a smaller hips, go for a swimwear with skirted or frilled bottom. Cutouts on the side of the waist can also give anyone with an athletic body shape a more defined waistline. Horizontal stripes can add some width to a petite frame, making you look curvier. Make your boobs look bigger by opting for a piece with frilled or layered tops.


Another reason to want to have one-piece bathing apparel in your collection is that they can double as bodysuits. This means that you can wear them on a daily basis. All you need is to pair them with a skirt, jeans or shorts. This would be perfect if you’re all for the retro look that’s quite a huge thing nowadays.


Two of the ultimate style idols of all time, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, rocked the one-piece bathing suit style during their time. If you are someone who loves everything retro, then you’ll also love monokinis.


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