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6 Lovely Outfits For Every Valentine’s Day Date

Posted: Jan 31 2019 by Lookbook Store

Valentine’s Day is surely one of the most awaited day of the year. That is, regardless whether you have a significant other or not. It is because it is one of the best times to schedule a special date either with your boyfie, best friends, or family.  Yearly, on February 14th, countless pairs or groups go to movie theaters, ice creams shops, parks, fancy restaurants, and more with the hope to celebrate the special day in a special way with the most special people in their life.

Possibilities are totally limitless when we talk about Valentine’s Day dates. Some prefer the classic chitchat over coffee, movie and dinner combo, or a dinner at a fancy resto. However, unconventional couples take time to plan a getaway, a picnic, or even a movie marathon at home. But one thing is for sure. No matter where you and your SO is headed, dressing up for Valentine’s Day is quite stressful. And if you are that kind of woman who wants to be always fabulous, of course, you would want your V-DAY OOTD to be a little more special. And for this we did our homework, and gather some inspiration on what to wear on Hearts Day. Read through this post and brace yourself for Valentines.


#1 Convo Over Coffee

For couple who love to spend quality time over simple stuff, going out for coffee or ice cream are the best dates. For this kind of dates, you would want to opt to wear something simple but cute and stylish at the same time.

Blush Pink Long Sleeves Crochet Lace Open-Front Cardigan

Putting on your casual formfitting blouse and denim jeans topped with your cozy long cardigan might seem to be so simple. But swear, this look is certainly one of the most fabulous. Dress it up or down accordingly with your stilettos, sneakers, or booties.

Khaki Open-Front Knit Maxi Cardigan


#2 Movie + Dinner

Catching the latest romantic movie and having dinner at your favorite resto is definitely one of the most classic V-Day dates. And for that we say a classic date calls for a classy outfit. The classic red top and jeans combinations is great for this but of course, you can always go for a dress if you are the girly type of girl.

Red ¾ Bell Mesh Panel Sleeves V-Neckline Loose Top

This is the perfect time to wear that formfitting sweater dress because it is timeless, feminine, and embodies a good combination of relaxed and formal. Pair it with your tights ant and ankle boots and top it off with your cardigan or coat to fight off the winter chill. Adding small pieces of jewelry is also a good move to add some balance to your allover chunky outfit.

Black Ribbed Knit Striped Bodycon Sweater Dress


#3 Out-of-Town

For couples who love to travel, Valentine’s Day might be the perfect time to go out-of-town even for just a short time. Truly nothing beats a drink or a meal shared over a breathtaking view. For this, you would to wear something that is both sexy and comfortable. A classic button-up won’t fail you when it comes to these requirements.

Coral Long Cuffed Sleeves Lapel Button-Up Blouse

However, you can always wear a dress as long as its loose enough and comfy. But opting to wear a fancy long sleeve tunic or bodysuit and skinny jeans or leggings is a better idea. Give those stilettos a break because this kind of date might involve a lot of walking. Wear those block heels or flats for maximum comfort and to save yourself from blisters.

Rose Pink Crochet Applique Asymmetrical Top


#4 Home Sweet Home

Never underestimate the of a date held at home. Some of the most romantic V-Day dates happen in the comfort of your own home be it a candlelit dinner or a movie marathon of your favorite flicks.

Plus Size Deep Blush Crisscross–Neck Crochet Hem Blouse

Dates at home calls for an outfit that is extremely casual yet sexy in any way.  A combination of a pair of leggings and tight sweaters that slightly show off your curves or a pullover top with cute flirty details like the one above are perfect for the setting. Keep everything relaxed by wearing a barely-there makeup and tie your hair in a loose bun or leave it down for more natural vibes.

Grey V-Neck Front Twist Knot Ribbed Knit Sweater


#5 Somewhere Fancy

Figuring out what to wear for a fancy dinner date might be the most stressful thing in Valentine’s Day. Of course, you don’t want to be underdressed, but you don’t want to look awkward by dressing extremely formal either.

Plus Size Red Lace Surplice Midi Dress

Let me share to you a secret. The secret to dressing up for a fancy dinner or any formal event is simplicity. Create a look that would make you feel beautiful and sexy without going over the top by opting to a neutral-colored outfit and making it pop with hint of a bright hue. Black and red are the most popular hues for V-Day so a little black dress paired with your red stilettos and red clutch is a perfect choice. But if you want to break out of the traditional, you may choose a dress with interesting details or material such as a dress with unique neckline or perhaps a sequined dress.

Plus Size Black Asymmetrical Layered Skater Dress


#6 Sweet Surprise

What is more romantic than hearing your significant other surprise you with a Valentine’s Day date? It means they have taken an extra mile to make the day special for both of you. However, not knowing the details makes dressing up for it much harder and more exciting at the same time. In this case, a sweet, romantic, pink top won’t fail you.

Light Pink V-Neck Flare Sleeves Loose Chiffon Blouse

But to be sure, we advise you to ask your date if there is a specific guideline to follow or prepare for in terms of attire. Never be afraid to seek for his approval whether to wear a dress or a sweater. After all, it is he who know all the deets. Gather all the details that are significant and choose an outfit you are most comfortable about.  Also, being prepared is important. If you decide to wear a dress, always wear a pair of tights underneath to keep your legs warm. Also, bringing a cardigan or a coat is a must because you will never know if you will end up outdoors.

Black Open-Front Faux Fur Cardigan Vest


The possibilities are surely endless when it comes to Valentine’s Day date OOTDs. And every date definitely calls a slightly different dress code making it a little bit difficult. However, dressing up for this special day should be more exciting and fun rather than stressful. So, remember the guidelines above and make that special someone fall in love with you over and over again.


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