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8 Must-Haves for an Edgy Fall Street Style

Posted: Oct 10 2018 by Lookbook Store

Raise your hand if fall is your favorite season! Aside from the beautiful leaves, apples, crisp air, and pumpkin patch, we do love this season because it is a great time to dress up. When we see all the flannels, oversized sweaters, and cute booties, all of us surely feel like going shopping and buying them all.

Fall fashion is extremely exciting because the weather gives you lot of fabulous options. And edgy fall street style is definitely one of our favorites! If you like to look sexy, carefree, a little badass, or just unexpected, then this style is perfect for you. We’re not talking about the baggy and extremely grunge fashion we’ve seen way back. We’re talking about edgy with a modern twist, more of modern rocker chic fashion, like the ones being paraded by celebrities such as Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevingne.

Whether you’re heading to your university, going out with your friends, or running some errands, this style is perfect to wear this fall. And good news is that it’s totally achievable! Read on and check out some of the essential pieces you need to achieve that modern edgy look.

Black Skinny Jeans

A trusty pair of black skinny jeans is definitely a must-have if you want to rock-and-roll. It doesn’t matter if it’s washed out, shredded, ripped, or plain as long as it’s black and skinny. Wearing a pair of black skinnies is also an awesome way to elongate your legs.

How to wear it: Wear your black skinny jeans with your canvas sneakers and casual shirt topped with a military-inspired jacket for laidback daily look. Or wear it with your boyfriend blazer, smoky eye makeup, and high heeled booties for a hot night out outfit.


Black Distressed Skinny Jeans

Black Distressed Skinny Jeans


Frayed Denim Shorts

Yes, we all know that shredded denim shorts are one of the summer essentials, but they surely can last through fall. The secret? Wear them over your opaque tights or leggings for an instantly grunge fall look.

How to wear it: Put on your distressed shorts like this one below over your black tights and pair it with your loose shirt leaving one side free and the tucked. Finish off by wearing your combat boots and hoop earrings.

Dark Blue Frayed Raw Hem Distressed Denim Shorts


Cool Moto Jacket

Moto jackets are always cool. And the good thing is that there is always a moto jacket that is great for your budget and taste. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on it, there lots of faux leather versions available online and even in shopping malls. If you are not into that leather thingy, you can always settle grunge-looking denim jackets such as this cool piece below.

How to wear it: Instantly add some edgy vibe to your lace or tulle dress, floral dress, or jewel toned dress by topping it off with your moto jacket. It doesn’t only help you create a very chic outfit but it’ll also help you stretch your wardrobe through colder seasons. You can also achieve that modern edgy chic look by layering your moto jacket over your skinny jeans and crop top combo.

Black Faux Fur Collar Zip Up Quilted Jacket


Chic Crop Top

Part of being edgy is being confident and showing off a little bit of skin. And there is no better way to do it that by donning a crop top. Wearing crop tops is definitely an awesome way to show off that midriff skin especially for girls who are not comfortable in showing too much.

How to wear it: Pair your crop top with your high waisted distressed skinny jeans if you prefer more coverage. Then finish off with your loose cardigan and Dr. Martens for a super cool fall OOTD.

Grey V-Neck Front Twist Knot Ribbed Knit Sweater


Rocker Shoes

If there is one thing worth-splurging on, that’s certainly a classic pair edgy footwear. It may be a pair of Dr. Martens, studded boots, or canvas shoes. These magical pair of shoes aren’t only comfortable but it can give you that edgy vibe you wanted in an instant. Don’t worry if you are not willing to spend that much cash on rocker footwear, there are surely plenty of its doppelgangers or cheaper options

How to wear it: Cozy and edgy outfit? Try on an oversized sweater preferably the dark patterned versions with your dark skinny jeans and a pair of Dr. Martens. On warmer days, you can wear it with your loose shirt, ripped skinny jeans, and flannel shirt tied around your waist.

Dr. Marten Serena Fur Lined


Plaid Shirt

If you don’t have a plaid shirt yet, we’ll it’s about time you get one! Plaid shirts, especially those in flannel fabric are highly cozy, warm, and so versatile. They can be styled in so many different ways. However, if you want to stand out in a sea of plaids, you can opt to a shirt in a plaid like prints or in rich color. Check out the one below.

How to wear it: A button-up shirt will surely look awesome when buttoned all the way up and tied on the waist or tucked into a grunge-looking ripped jean shorts. You can finish off this easy look either with your canvas sneakers or booties.

Black Vertical Striped Long Sleeves Button-Up Top



Trendy Edgy Accessories

Edgy jewelry are small things that can make a big difference to your outfit. Chokers, long lariat necklaces, quirky rings, and ear jackets aren’t only trendy but are all definitely edgy. These have been a favorite among many celebrities and the good news is that they look great on everyone.

How to wear it: The secret to accessorizing is choosing a piece that you really like to wear and going crazy with it. Either you wear it alone or wear it all at once with the others. For example, a studded choker will be extremely fab even when worn alone with a V-neck top.

 Faux Leather Spike Choker


Lazy Loose Tee

Vintage concert tees are must-haves for rocker babes. But if you don’t want to be that too bold, you can always settle to any loose tee. What’s the great thing about it? It’s definitely the most comfortable thing you can wear, and they are also available to buy anywhere.

How to wear it:  Tuck a loose tee into your shredded jeans, top it off with your boyfriend blazer, and finish off with your studded boots. You can also wear it with your faux leather skirt or frayed shorts. The possibilities are really limitless when it comes to this comfy piece.

 Black Short Sleeves Front Pocket Loose V-Neck Tee



You may already have some of these items in your closet. But if not, you better start scoring them so you could start slaying that stunning edgy fall street style!


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