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5 Fashion Trends You’ll Be Seeing this 2021

Posted: Dec 31 2020 by Lookbook Store


One more day and we’ll be saying hello to 2021. Are you ready yet? 

2020 was surely one hell of a ride with a lot of crazy things happening around us. With that being said, our daily life including our fashion and style surely was affected. It has been indeed a year of change. And with the change in our social practices, what’s in and what’s not when it comes to fashion has also changed. But of course, we wouldn’t want to dwell on that. 

So, what can we exactly expect this year in terms of our wardrobe revamps and runways? Cheer up ‘cause you can count on us on that. Read on, and find out which trends will make the year 2021 fashionable and fab.


Be brave and experiment with shapes, prints, and long line figures by donning a chic boyfriend blazer. Go for something either plain or plaid and something with shoulder pads. Doing so will give you that laidback but structured outfit. The secret for purchasing the perfect one? Just choose anything you want, add one size bigger, and voila, you already have a trusty boyfriend blazer. Slay the look even more when you match it with your tailored trousers, cami top, and stilettos.

Blue Double-Breasted Flap Pockets Plaid Lapel Blazer

Blue Double-Breasted Flap Pockets Plaid Lapel Blazer


Sorbet pastel colors has started to dominate the scene this past year. And we are probably continue seeing this trend on 2021. Mints, light blues, soft lavender and many more are the perfect choice for summer because as well all know they are much cooler to wear when the temperature suddenly starts to rise. But aside from that, pastel colors fabulously just suit most skin tones. Choices are also limitless when it comes to this. You can choose from something overly posh such as a soft lavender suit or something simple and casual such as a light blue dress paired with white sneakers.

Light Blue 3/4 Bell Sleeves Mesh Panel Crew Neckline Loose Dress

Light Blue 3/4 Bell Sleeves Mesh Panel Crew Neckline Loose Dress


When we talk about spring and summer, we simply couldn’t ditch a timeless trend such as the florals. Yes, floral pieces are effortlessly romantic and feminine, but they can be more than that. They can be sexy and classy as well. Who could forget the time when Lily James donned a floral bustier gown by Alexander Mcqueen to the red carpet? That look is undeniably iconic and top-tier sexy. 

Navy 3/4 Bell Sleeves Mesh Panel Crew Neckline Floral Loose Dress

Navy 3/4 Bell Sleeves Mesh Panel Crew Neckline Floral Loose Dress


If you are someone who loves a comfy and versatile bottom, maybe you’ll be thrilled to know that wide-leg pants are in this year coming year. What’s great about this fashionable bottom is that they are available in many styles — striped, denim, and even knitted. And no matter what style you choose, this can be your perfect go-to outfit. Take a black cotton palazzo pants for example, paired with your knit turtleneck and hoop earrings. We’re sure you’ll be slaying all your meetings, face to face or online, in that. 


The polo sweater trend has been on the trend for quite a while now. In fact, we spotted some of them in this year’s different fall and winter collections. And it looks like it will stay with us till next year’s summer and spring. And with that, we are thinking that lightweight and breathable knits in neutral colors would be the most ideal choice. This trend when matched with your favorite jeans and sneakers will actually be a hit for those who loves casual-cool OOTDs. 

Old Rose Button-Front Fleece Pullover

Old Rose Button-Front Fleece Pullover

That’s all, gals. Our current circumstances may be crazy, but let’s make sure we face it stylishly. Have a fabulous 2021!


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