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Lookbook Store Rewards Program


This is a new program we're offering not only to make your shopping fun and exciting but also to put more worth to every dime you spend with us.

By unlocking loyalty levels, earning referral incentives and socializing with us.
It may seem difficult, but they're quite easy to achieve.
For this new program, there are two ways to win rewards. Read on to learn how you can earn discount codes you can use for your next shopping adventure.

Loyalty Points
It matters to us just as much as it matters to you. So to become part of our 5,000+ loyal customers, all you have to do is to shop with us.

Basic Loyalty
Create an account and you will get to earn 20 points.

Each time you purchase with us, you get to earn 10 points for every $1.00 spent.  It's that simple.
Once you've accumulated enough points, you get to earn the following rewards:


Not only that, every time you unlock a level, you get to earn $30 worth of store credit. And if you want to unlock a level fast, it's easy. Just spend at least $500.00 and you get to amp your loyalty level.

Discount Rewards
Aside from earning loyalty points to get coupons, you can also get up to 10% discount through the following:

Referral Incentive
By simply referring a friend to Lookbook Store successfully, you get to enjoy 10% off of commission which you can use when you  make a purchase.

Social Media Incentive
Another way to get discounts is by socializing with us. By simply liking our Facebook page and following our Twitter account, you'll receive a 5% discount code you can use for your first purchase.

Earning your first discount is easy. Just log on to www.lookbookstore.co and the bottom left corner, you'll see a Rewards widget. Click on it, and just follow the instructions.


Once you've clicked on them, you will then be given your first code, which you can use on your very first purchase.

Using the code to get discounted on your entire purchase is easy.
On the check out page, just click on the text.

 You will then be asked to input the code given to you, and click on the "Apply" button. The discounted price will automatically reflected on invoice.

Apart from making it easy to earn rewards and discount codes, Lookbook Store also made sure to make tracking of your status.
From the homepage, just click on the "Rewards" button at the bottom right corner of the website.


If you're logged in on to your Lookbook Store account, a screen will pop up showing your loyalty level, the points you've earned and the amount of store credit you can claim.


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