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Independence Day Sale: Celebrate Liberty in Style!

Posted: Jun 23 2016 by Lookbook Store

Freedom—the prize our forefathers had to win and the luxury we now enjoy. No doubt, we’re very lucky to exercise freedom today.


Here in Lookbook Store, we join the rest of America in celebrating the fourth of July… and we are celebrating it in style!


Because we believe that liberty itself is expressed through freedom of choice, we’ll be having a blast from June 23rd to July 5th with our Independence Day Sale, where you’ll get a chance to buy the hottest fashion essentials for as low as $9.90 or $14.90! But these are just for starters. We’ll be having 50% to 70% off on selected items, too.


It’ll definitely be the best time to go on an online shopping spree!


And if you’re feeling patriotic, why not wear your heart on your sleeves especially on July 4th by pairing your favorite tees with this cool pair of American flag cutoffs?

American flag cutoffs

Or if you feel like going for a dip at the beach on that day, this stars & stripes tassels bikini will definitely be a timely pick.

stars and stripes fringe bikini set


Isn’t the freedom to choose quite a nice gift to have whenever you’re shopping? We think so, too!


So, ladies, get your fingers ready because we’ll be celebrating Independence Day in style with one of the year’s biggest sales event!


Ahh~ doesn’t that bag of freshly bought dresses smell like freedom?!




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