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Summer's Almost Coming to An End, Here's a To-Do List For You

Posted: Jul 22 2016 by Lookbook Store

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Most of us count on summer as the time of year to recharge and reconnect to who we really are. Yet, it is just for a season, and before you know it, poof, summer is up.

Just in case you haven’t taken the time to savor the best of what this season has to offer, now is the time to make the most of the remaining last days of summer.

Here are some ideas that might help you:


1. Don’t fill your schedule.

girl in a trumpet sleeve romper

One way to slow down the passing of these last days of summer is to put less on your calendar. If you plan on having a full block activities for a day, DON’T!


If your day is hectic, you’ll be busy trying to accomplish everything on your list instead of enjoying every passing second of the day. So just stay chill.


 Of course, you got to be ready for anything. So don’t slack off with your style. A simple outfit, like this trumpet sleeve surplice romper, can make all the difference for unplanned surprises.


2. Get out and enjoy the weather.

girl in floral chiffon romper

Spend time outside in nature. No need to spend for this, you can simply rediscover your  own yard. Have a picnic with your love ones. Play with your dog. Whatever you decide to do, just make sure that it’s something you can do outside where the sun is shining and the mood happy.


If you’re going to spend an entire day outside, then be sure to pack with you a piece of outerwear, such as this floral chiffon kimono in the evening turns chilly at the beach or park.


3. Play like there’s no tomorrow.

girl in a black lace halter swimsuit

Channel your inner child. Take some time to engage in carefree summer activities, like playing catch, skateboarding or freeboarding.


But if sports is not your thing, you can simply hit the nearest water park and chill with an elegant lace halter swimsuit or a tie dye bikini. Make sure to go down the biggest slide at least once before calling it a day.


4. Go on an adventure. 

girl in a baroque shift dress

Embark on a quick or long road trip with this baroque printed shift dress from to take in new scenery. Be a tourist in your own town. Tour your city’s local landmarks. If you already have seen them all, design a custom tour based on your own personal interest.


5. Be physically ready.

Girl working out in a field

Summer body? Maybe that didn’t happen, but for obvious health reasons, one should exercise regularly. Not only will it give you a glow, it’ll prep your body for a stressful semester ahead. Plus, wouldn’t it be nice to show up on the first day of school with a well-tanned, well-toned bod?


6. Just enjoy the season.

couple parasailing at the beach

By taking the time now to enjoy these summer delights, you’ll feel better prepared to buckle down to what lies ahead next month. So relax and enjoy and live in the moment. So when fall comes, there’ll be no regrets.


Have a great summer ender! 



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