How To Find The Perfect Swimsuit For Your Body Type | Lookbook Store

How To Find The Perfect Swimsuit For Your Body Type

Posted: Apr 27 2017 by Lookbook Store

How To Find The Perfect Swimsuit For Your Body Type | Lookbook Store

Summer is almost here! And it is just so difficult to resist the urge to glam up our styles, especially with this year’s amazing swimwear trends. However, we also couldn’t deny the fact that some of us are not so confident when it comes to wearing swimsuits.


Wearing swimwear is supposed to be fun and exciting. It should make us feel good about ourselves. It should not be the other way around. But often, when we wear swimsuits, we focus on hiding something about ourselves or fixing something. It should not be that way. We should realize that our bodies are beautiful in their own way, and that they deserve to be shown and appreciated. So we’ve come up with this article to help you do that “showing-off” aesthetically.


Of course, you have to find out what your body shape is first. Then browse through the list that we’ve got and find out which among these gorgeous, sexy, or flirty swimwear would actually accentuate your best assets (rather than masking your worst). From cute retro swimsuits to sultry bikinis, find out which suits you best!


For Straight Body Type (Banana)

Your body: You basically know that you have a straight body type when all sections of your body almost have the same measurements. Runway models usually have this kind of body. The waistline is also not well-defined, making your body look straight, literally like a banana.


What to wear: Triangle, halter, and string bikini sets are best if you have this body shape. Strings and other intricate details such as lace and jewels aren’t only great for accentuating your assets, but they also create an illusion of curves, therefore, making you look sexier. Do your best to avoid wearing loose and shapeless swimwear.


Floral Jewelry Bikini Set - Lake Blue and Crochet Floral Bikini Set | Lookbook Store

Floral Jewelry Bikini Set | Crochet Floral Bikini Set


For Triangle Body Shape (Pear)

Your body: You have a triangle body shape if you have wide hips and a tiny bust. This body type is also known as pear shape because the lower part of your body tend to be a lot wider that the upper part. Your broad hips and waist section can be really stunning if you dress up the correct way.


What to wear: The key to this is balancing or creating a pretty proportion between your upper and lower body. An off-shoulder crop swim top or a plunge-neck swimsuit are just enough to keep the attention upward. Thus, highlighting your upper body and minimizing the bottom.


Back Cross Swimsuit - Black and Black and White Striped Off-Shoulder Bikini Set | Lookbook Store

Black Cross-Back Swimsuit | Black and White Striped Off-Shoulder Bikini Set


For Inverted Triangle Body Type (Apple)

Your body: If you have a larger bust, and it’s wider that the hip section, you definitely have an apple body shape. For most, your waist is undefined, your shoulder are round, your hips are quite small, and you have slimmer legs and arms. Most of your weight tend to appear in the upper body section. This body type is also called inverted triangle. This body shape is beautiful especially when you put on the right clothes.


What to wear: The secret to this is support. Choose a swimwear with the right support. Bra-style tops with underwire and straps are a great choice. The thicker the straps, the greater support. Then choose something that will highlight your bottoms such as a high-waist bikini or the strappy ones. You can also define your waist by opting to side cutouts.


Plus Size Pink Printed Swimsuit and Bordeaux Crossover Ruched Swimsuit | Lookbook Store

Plus Size Pink Printed Swimsuit | Bordeaux Crossover Ruched Swimsuit


For Skinny Body Type

Your body: Your body shape is definitely skinny type if your pelvis and shoulder are in perfect alignment. You are very light and your bone structure is small. You seem not to gain weight no matter how many time you eat in a day, but you tend to lose weight with a snap of the finger. Your arms and leg are slender. Also, your chest and buttocks are usually flat. But that doesn’t make you any less, ‘cause it allows you to look great on almost anything.


What to wear: If you want to get an extra lift and create a little cleavage, wear bra tops with padded push-up cups. You can also embrace anything with ruffles and laces, as it can easily add some shape to your body. Embrace bandeau tops, as well as plunge neck swimsuits for they will surely look great on you!


Navy Blue Caged Strappy Bikini Set and Stars & Stripes Tassels Bikini | Lookbook Store

Navy Blue Caged Strappy Bikini Set | Star and Stripes Tassels Bikini Set


For Athletic Body Type

Your body: This is probably the most flattering body shape of all. Most consider this as the sexiest body type for you have well-toned sexy curves. Your muscles on the thigh and calf are tight, your shoulders are well-built. Your arms are not flabby but are properly toned. Your waist is usually well-defined as it is a result of really hard work.


What to wear: Though you can basically wear any kind of swimwear, here are some ways to add some feminine flair and create a little mystery to your summer look. Bold prints, ruffles, and other embellishments strategically create a more ladylike look. While small tie-side bikinis perfectly adjust to your size, thus, making your bottoms look fuller and curvier.


Floral High-Neck Strappy Bikini Set and Neon Halter Bikini | Lookbook Store

Floral High-Neck Strappy Bikini Set | Neon Halter Bikini Set


For Hourglass Body Type

Your body: You must be the luckiest girl! Your upper and lower body sections are in perfect proportion. Your bust and buttocks lines are well balanced and your waist is beautifully defined. Your shoulder are rounded a bit but are well aligned with your perfectly shaped buttocks. Your figure must be the most attractive, but anything can go wrong when you don’t choose the right clothes.


What to wear: If you are taller, retro high-waist bikinis are best for accentuating your waists. You can also go for the clean (no frills, no embellishments) two-piece bikinis or the classic one-piece thing. Since your body is already a wonder, you don’t need much of those extra stuff. Those classic pieces are just enough to accentuate your sexy curves.


Strappy Floral Print High Waist Bikini Set and Black Classic Low-Back Swimsuit | Lookbook Store

Strappy Floral-Print High-Waist Bikini Set | Black Classic Low-Back Swimsuit


For Round Body Type

Your body: Your body has an oval shape if your bust area is larger than the most part of your body. It is often accompanied by a full midsection. Weight tend to build-up on the stomach area and your waist is not well defined and is often as wide as your bust line. Your buttocks are almost flat but your legs are probably your best asset.


What to wear: Tankinis and swim dresses can be your best options. Shirring and ruching are also great. They can hide bulges and can create definition on the waist. If you carry weight on your abdomen part, a high waist bottom can also help.

Ocean Blue Crisscross Swimsuit and Solid Pink Swing Tankini Set | Lookbook Store

Ocean Blue Crisscross Swimsuit | Solid Pink Swing Tankini


So ladies, put away those fears and frustrations when it comes to swimsuit shopping. Start digging on these awesome swimwear now, and show off your most gorgeous self this summer.



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