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How to Feel Sexy (Even If You Feel Otherwise) During the Swimsuit Season

Posted: Aug 08 2016 by Lookbook Store

Whenever summertime is in full bloom, we girls all wish we'd look like Victoria Secret models, slaying every beach trip we have with our gal pals. We would imagine walking along the shores with our friends, donning the sexiest pair of bikinis we have, and making every guy in the area drool over our voluptuousness.


Truth is, not all of us are blessed with a beach-ready body. But this does not mean you cannot make heads turn when you're sunbathing on the sand or  perhaps enjoying your ice-cold piña colada on your tropical getaway.


Here's a few advice we have for those who feel insecure about their bodies. Remember, whatever your body type may be, you can stay fab and oh-so-sexy with the right choice of swimsuit.


Read on.


No boobs? No problem!

Ladies with small chests often feel that bikinis are not made for them. With the super revealing cut that  a two-piece has, it becomes a challenge to hide the lack of cleavage.  Tricks like inserting pads and even using silicone cutlets cannot be employed when wearing a bikini.


But what do you do when you are not born with a bust comparable to that of Sofia Vergara and Kim Kardashian’s? Here's a good trick that you can use the next time you hit the beach.


Opt for a high-neck bikini piece if you are not comfortable showing your chest. This trendy cut, even if conservative, allows you to become confident and sexy on the beach. The halter design shifts focus from the breasts to the clavicle, , which is definitely one of the sexiest parts of a woman's body.


You can try this stunning blue tie-dye bikini from our collection. The splash of color adds a fun vibe to your swimwear. Or if you are going sporty, opt for the set of dark blue high-neck bikini.


Blue Tie Dye Bikini

Blue Tie Dye Bikini


Dark Blue High-Neck Bikini Set

Dark Blue High-Neck Bikini Set


But how can we hide those flabs?!

Perhaps this is the most common insecurity women have—flabs. Who can blame us when those burger and fries are just too tempting to eat that we don’t care any more about the fact that excessive eating will add pounds on our weight! Ghaaaad, there’s ice cream! Help!


So you have some love handles around your tummy? Who cares?!  You can still look hot and steaming by opting for swimsuits that conceal the middle part of your body. 


Without a question, one-piece suits are a perfect match for you. Of course, choose those with cute details like this black crossover ruched swimsuit that celebrates femininity with its overlapping style.


Black Crossover Ruched Swimsuit

Black Crossover Ruched Swimsuit

Or you can go a little bit more daring with this black lace halter swimsuit that gives the guys a little preview of your adorable waistline that they are always aching to get hold of.


Black Lace Halter Swimsuit

Black Lace Halter Swimsuit


BONUS: If you have wide hips and a luscious booty, one-piece swimsuits like these will always show off those curves!

So some back-body zits are bugging you? Cover up without looking drab.

Okay, ladies. We all know how it feels when suddenly a zit pops up on our faces. We can only wish to melt and hide from the world so we don’t have to deal with all the disgusted looks we get. Now imagine this: pimples deciding to appear—not on your face but on your back. What are you gonna do when you and your girl friends have booked your dream beach holiday and you cannot back out?!


All hope is not lost! For there is always a way to get around this unfortunate scenario without taking the summer fun away. Slip on your favourite two-piece or perhaps this jaw-dropping crochet floral bikini set and cover up with a sheer cover-up. If you wear one like this open-front chiffon kimono, your sexiness will still radiate without you trying too hard.

Crochet Floral Bikini Set

Crochet Floral Bikini Set


Floral Crop Sleeves Kimono - Sky-blue

Floral Crop Sleeves Kimono - Sky-blue


So there, we have shared our secrets. Don’t tell a soul, okay?



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