Fashion Faux Pas Women in Their Early 20s Are Probably Guilty Of | Lookbook Store

Fashion Faux Pas Women in Their Early 20s Are Probably Guilty Of

Posted: Aug 26 2016 by Lookbook Store

Fashion Faux Pas Or Not | Lookbook Store

When you’re in your early 20s, it’s that point in your life when you’re neither too young nor too old. Yet people expect too much from you. On top of that, you’re no longer allowed to make stupid mistakes not like when you were still a teenager because you are, after all, a tad wiser now.

Among the failures that you’re expected not to make are those that involve fashion choices. This is because your peers expect you to know more about what works for you and what doesn’t. Unfortunately, there are days when you just can’t help but commit a few style blunders.

Not putting enough thought and effort in your interview outfit

Some young adults may think that dressing to impress doesn’t hold true for every interview. This is why some might think that casual dressing would be fine, depending on the company and position you are applying for. Even in a creative industry that hires young and hip professionals, you should always put enough thought and effort in what you will be wearing for your interviews. After all, it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed for a special event like a job interview. This doesn’t mean though that you should wear a pantsuit all the time. Sometimes, throwing in a classic piece, like this champagne draped open-front blazer.

Champagne Draped Open-Front Blazer | Lookbook Store

Champagne Draped Open-Front Blazer


Making the jeans and tee combo your only go-to outfit


There’s actually nothing wrong with wearing your fave t-shirt and skinny jeans combo. This is especially true if you’re most comfortable with it. But if you make it your only go-to outfit on a daily basis, you’re depriving yourself of the chance to have fun with your fashion choices. Aside from that, you are giving your manager and peers the wrong impression that you can’t be taken seriously since you’re not dressing up for success. Besides, there are lots of clothing options that can make you look smarter and more professional without sticking to pantsuits. For one, you can opt for this black vintage-inspired mini dress if you’re making a presentation to clients. With this cute and smart-looking number, you’ll look every inch the powerful and independent woman that you are.

Black Vintage-Inspired Mini Dress | Lookbook Store

Black Vintage-Inspired Mini Dress

Buying clothes you don’t actually wear or like just because they’re on sale


Some women just can’t resist it whenever they see signs that says, “Up to 30% Off,” “Enjoy Huge Discounts,” etc. It’s like there’s a switch that turns on whenever we see sales. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that, especially if you have the means to splurge. But if you hoard clothing items just because they’re on sale and you never wear them, you’ll end up wasting a lot of money. So, before your splurge on clothes that are on sale, it’s best to plan out what you want to buy first. One way to make sure that you’re only buying things that you’re actually need is to consider the season. It’s almost fall, so you might want to stock up on pieces that will keep you not only trendy but also comfy all throughout. According to fashion websites, some of the trends this Fall 2016 are hoodies, like these two cute outfits.


Grey Hooded Curved-Hem Tunic | Lookbook Store

Grey Hooded Curved-Hem Tunic


Striped Hooded Skater Dress | Lookbook Store

Striped Hooded Skater Dress


Splurging on going-out clothing trends


When you only shop for clothing items that won’t make it to the next season, you’re only wasting your money, especially if you neglect to keep basic or classic pieces in your wardrobe. It’s okay to buy a few of these seasonal trends. But if you keep buying these kinds of stuff, your closet is going to overflow with things you won’t be wearing for another year. It’s important to keep classic clothing in your wardrobe because they’re always a fail-safe choice. These include of dresses, tops, pants and swimsuits that tend to have never been out of style.

White Classic Button-Down Shirt | Lookbook Store

White Classic Button-Down Shirt


Black Classic Low-Back Swimsuit | Lookbook Store

Black Classic Low-Back Swimsuit


Plus Size Burgundy Lace Crop Sleeves Wrap Dress | Lookbook Store

Plus Size Burgundy Lace Crop Sleeves Wrap Dress


Following trends blindly


Just because a clothing style is hot for a particular season, it doesn’t you should buy and wear it immediately. Although there’s nothing wrong with following trends, doing so without giving it any thought whether it works for you could leave you looking tacky or trying too hard. The key to not losing your own personal style when wearing trendy clothing pieces is to mix it with clothes that actually work for you. These styles are definitely some of the most fail-safe and season-less items that work for anybody.


Plus Size Red Ruched Surpliced Top | Lookbook Store

Plus Size Red Ruched Surpliced Top


Grey Oblique Zipper Draped Cardigan | Lookbook Store

Grey Oblique Zipper Draped Cardigan


Striped Plunge Asymmetrical Belted Wrap-Style Dress | Lookbook Store

Striped Plunge Asymmetrical Belted Wrap-Style Dress


Wearing heels that don’t fit right


High-heeled shoes make any woman look not only taller but also more powerful and more alluring. But you shouldn’t sacrifice comfort over style. Just because your feet looks sexy in heels, or the shoes are what everyone else is wearing, it doesn’t mean that you should neglect your feet’s safety, which could lead to painful blisters at the end of the day. Cut your pins some slack and allow it to breathe by wearing trendy but comfortable footwear. There are lots of flats or one-inch-heeled shoes that are equally fashionable and sexy.


High Heel Shoes | Lookbook Store

Woman wearing high-heeled shoes


Not taking good care of clothes


    What’s the fastest way to ruin clothes? It’s not taking proper care of them, at least according to the manufacturer’s instruction. This is why it’s extremely important to read labels to ensure that you are using the right methods and products in cleaning your clothes. Yes, dry cleaning may be expensive but the price you pay for it is nothing compared to what you’ll spending when you need to buy a new dress, pants or shoes.


    Dry Cleaning | Lookbook Store

    Dry cleaning


    Not ironing clothes


    This is one of the biggest mistakes young adults make. Not ironing your clothes thinking no one will ever notice is one of the most embarrassing fashion faux pas you’ll ever make in your professional life. Being always in a hurry isn’t even an excuse not to have any time to iron your clothes. You can do it on the weekends to ensure you’ll have freshly pressed outfits for work or for partying. Remember: wearing crumply clothes is never a good look on anyone, especially if you’re a young career woman trying to claw her way up the corporate ladder. Always choose to dress to impress even if you’re not looking to get promoted anytime soon. But who doesn’t want to take their career up a notch, right?


    Ironed Clothes | Lookbook Store

    Ironed clothes


    Now that you’ve read about these fashion blunders, you’re probably saying, “What was I thinking?” Well, don’t worry. You’re still young. From now on, you’ll be able to make better style choices.


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