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Every Girl’s Guide to Surviving the Summer of Camis & Slip Dresses

Posted: Jul 05 2016 by Lookbook Store

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One moment you’re sweating like crazy under the sweltering summer heat and in the next, you’re in danger of suffering hypothermia behind the office desk. Without doubt, transitional dressing is as real as it’s important. After all, you’ll never know if the clothing decisions you make in consideration of the fickle summer weather puts you at the mercy of the full-volume AC blasting inside the workplace.

Indeed, it can be tricky dressing lightly for the summer temperature while you’re working in a cold office. That’s where slip dresses and cami tops come in. While that sounds counterintuitive and borderline outrageous, the trend of wearing your innerwear in broad daylight has been picking up momentum in recent years what with various runways and designers featuring the concept. If you ask us, it doesn’t look as mad as it sounds.


In fact, we’re sure you’ll fall in love with these OOTD ideas featuring your favorite intimate apparel:

#1 Slip Dress + Sheer Top

White Sheer Lace Top Beige Tent Dress

White Sheer Lace Top | Beige Asymmetrical Tent Dress

So how do you make a smoldering slip dress even sexier? Of course, with another equally sultry piece!

Imagine the envious stares and your date’s intrigued gaze that you’ll get from this ethereal combo that’s nothing short of sultry. Wear the sheer top as a layer over your slip dress and you’re set for a romantic date night! Just don’t ask your dad (or mom) to assess your outfit. Trust us; it’s going to be a messy skirmish.


#2 Cami Top + Pencil Skirt

Black Plunge Strappy Cami White Pencil Skirt

Black Plunge Strappy Cami Top | White Pencil Skirt

Imagine bringing the comfort you get from a camisole to the office. Wouldn’t that be great?!

Give your favorite intimate wear a touch of sophistication and a hint of modern flair with this vibrant style! Not only will you look ready for work with the combo, all you need is cross-body bag and strappy pumps to switch from work to play in a jiffy. Quite the perfect piece to wear on #humpday, if you ask us!


#3 Slip Dress + White Shirt

Star Print Cami Dress White Lace Sleeve Shirt

 Star Print Cami Dress | White Lace-Sleeve Shirt

Because you can’t just barge into the office wearing only a slip dress, you’ll have to find ways to tone down its sultry appeal.

Indeed, on its own, slip dresses are undeniably sexy. So how do you make it look less seductive and more business-like? Simple—wear a white shirt under it. With this next-to-zero effort kind of ensemble, you don’t have to break sweat thinking about what to wear to the office this summer!


#4 Cami Top + Boyfriend Jeans

Grey Surplice Cami Distressed Grey Boyfriend Jeans

Grey Surplice Cami Top | Distressed Grey Washed Boyfriend Jeans

Summer is about basking in the heat as much as you can. Unfortunately, we doubt if you could report for work in a bikini.

Instead, balance your urge to show some skin with an edgy vibe and this fun look does just that! Wear printed pumps to increase its sophisticated feel or wear a boxy coat if it’s a bit chilly outside or in the office. Either way, it sure gives your feminine cami a less dainty appeal.


#5 Slip Dress + Sweater

Beige Knit Sweater Model in red maxi slip dress

 Beige Knit Pullover Sweater | Red Maxi Slip Dress

We’ve seen this style worn off-duty by our favorite runway pros and the moment we saw it, we instantly fell in love!

Imagine waking up in your slip dress, wearing a sweater over it, and poof—you’re ready for work. Just don’t forget your morning routine, though.


#6 Cami Top + Blazer

Black Draped Blazer Gold Chain Cami

Black Draped Blazer | Gold Chain Cami Top

We can’t emphasize enough how versatile a camisole top can be.

Combine it with a pair of tapered cropped pants and a smart-looking blazer… and you’re set for work! That’s why we think it’s a shame when camis barely see the light of day because they’re very flexible enough to be worn whenever, wherever.


#7 Slip Dress + Oversized Shirt

White High-Low Shirt Striped V-Neck Slip Dress

White Cotton High-Low Shirt | Striped V-Neck Slip Dress

While a slip dress’ ultra feminine vibe can be tricky to style, you can rough it up a bit when you wear it under an oversized shirt or even a man’s tees! 

You’ll be impressed at how this piece can instantly metamorphose into something else with just one addition.


#8 Printed Cami + Skirt

Black A-Line Tulle Skirt Front shot of woman wearing white lace v neck cropped cami top

 Black A-Line Tulle Skirt | White Lace V-Neck Cropped Cami Top

To be fair, skirts go with everything; so there’s really no way you can go wrong no matter what you pair them with.

This time, match it with a printed cami top and a trench coat to get a classy vibe… and don’t forget those cute pair of flats you own!


#9 Slip Dress + Utility Jacket

Faux Woolen Utility Jacket Pink V-Neck Long Dress

Faux Woolen Utility Jacket | Pink V Neck Long Dress

A rugged & edgy utility jacket with the delicate & lightness of a slip dress—this is how you play with contrasts.

We can see you wearing this pair as a fashion statement at any formal evening affair or even on your early morning run to your favorite café.


#10 Lace Cami + High-Waist Cutoffs & Bombers

Sweetheart Lace Cami Genuine Sheepskin Blazer

Sweetheart Lace Cami Top | Genuine Sheepskin Blazer

At first glance, lace camisoles scream “lingerie” out loud.

However, you can readily tone down the sultry factor by matching it with something edgy like bombers or jackets. Complete the look with a pair of high-waisted shorts and statement accessories—even a baseball cap will do!


Without doubt, summer is officially here. But while that leaves you with a lot of freedom to mix and match to your heart’s content, it also means that your wardrobe has to be ready to deal with more weather changes than usual. With these OOTD ideas, you could be taking that first step to making your closet quite versatile—versatile enough to deal with both the sweltering summer heat and the freezing AC unit in the workplace.

But more than just worrying about the fickle weather and temperatures of summer, a more important concern you have to look into is this: why are you still stuck in your office chair? Indeed, the fact that you’re behind an office desk when you’re supposed to be having fun under the sun at this time can take out the fun from the thought! However, you need not mope all day about it. Why not bring your summery aspirations into the workplace with these breezy & sultry combos?

Surely, you’ll be a refreshing sight wherever you go and a breath of fresh air in a drab office environment. And who knows—your bosses might be reminded of everyone’s universal love for sun, sea, & sand… and perhaps be convinced to give everyone a chance to enjoy the summer weather while it lasts!

When that happens, don’t forget how to get the perfect bikini or look rad for Coachella. After all, summer fun starts with looking good and having fun while you’re at it.



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