Celebrity Beach Styles Worth-Copying | Lookbook Store

Celebrity Beach Styles Worth-Copying

Posted: Mar 27 2018 by Lookbook Store

Celebrity Beach Styles Worth-Copying | Lookbook Store


Counting the days till summer? Is there a warm-weather getaway in mind yet? But the bigger question is— is your swimwear ready?

There's nothing more stressful or more uncomfortable than parading in the wrong swimsuit. And there’s nothing more nerve-wracking than going on a mission to find the perfect swimsuit. So to make things a slightly easier for you, we’ve come up with this article. We’ve curated some of the perfect swimwear styles you can choose from no matter you’re headed to the beach, pool, or just at home.

Do you have those voluptuous curves? Or do you lack them? Do you have an athletic frame? Or do you like girly stuff like ruffles? Are you small busted? We’ve got it all covered. And what is the better way to get some style inspo than by looking at the photos of our favorite celebrities. From beach cover-ups to sexy one-piece swimsuits to pretty maillots— there are really no better fashion teachers than our favorite stars.

So is you want to stay fab as you hit the shore, keep reading and dive into our celebrity-inspired swim guide.




If you are one of those who have a super model body, maybe it’s to show it off that thing that you’ve worked hard for. Take a look at Stella Maxwell’s simple yet stunning style as she hang outs beside the pool. This swimsuit style is so perfect for days when you don’t feel like showing too much skin. It’s classy and simple, but still sexy, thanks to its plunging sweetheart neckline.


Stella Maxwell

Stella Maxwell

Steal her style: Not comfortable with one-piece swimwear? Try out something like this black tankini set below. You won’t only come off comfy, but you’ll surely be as fab as this pretty Victoria Secret angel.

Black Sweetheart Neckline Halter Tankini Set | Lookbook Store

Black Sweetheart Neckline Halter Tankini Set



Who says you can’t be sexy without showing so much skin? Take it from Queen B here. Taken a few years ago, Beyonce is seen wearing a colorful long sleeved swimsuit with cutout details on both sides while taking a dip in Hawaii.



Steal her style: Want to slay that equally fabulous swimming #ootd but want to keep it discreet? Settle for something with the same style with solid color like the one below.

Purple Strappy Side Long Sleeves Zip-Back Swimsuit | Lookbook Store

Purple Strappy-Side Long Sleeves Zip-Back Swimsuit



The reality TV show just knows how to perfectly flaunt her loveliest assets. You can often see Kim Kardashian with anything low-cut in the front. So we won’t we surprised if she carries the same style in her swimwear.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Steal her style: The secret to women with a shape like hers is to keep all the attention to the upper part of your body. Choose something with plunging necklines. Do this, and the result? Perfection, honey!

Black Floral Crochet Crisscross-Back Swimsuit | Lookbook Store

Black Floral Crochet Crisscross-Back Swimsuit



Of course, we have to hand this down to our retro-loving girl, Taylor Swift. This musician definitely didn’t take a day-off from her style, vintage-inspired red lips and outfit. She surely loves anything high-waisted when it comes to swimwear because they instantly give that throwback feels. This time, she is spotted in retro maillot swimsuit while vacationing in Hawaii.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Steal her style: Nab a bit of this gorgeous gal’s style by choosing something with a high-waist for your swim day. If you’re not comfy with that, you can always choose maillot style swimwear which can automatically give you that vintage vibe. Add a little red tint to your pout, and you’re good to go.

Blue Ruched Tankini Set | Lookbook Store

Black Ruched Tankini Set



Give way to the singer, Katy Perry who recently shared a sunny snap of herself wearing a super pretty swim dress in dusty rose. She styled it with a floppy straw hat that says “start me up”, quite perfect if you want that demure and classy feel.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

Steal her style: Not a big fan of nude colors? Try a swim dress in a brighter color such as this one below. Equally classy and demure, but a little more adventurous and eye-catching.

Lake Blue Ruched Ruffled Swimsuit | lookbook Store

Lake Blue Ruched Ruffled Swimsuit



Bikinis are totally hot, but there is something totally chic and elegant about one-piece swimsuits. Take a look at the High School Musical star, Vanessa Hudgens here in her one-piece swimsuit with cute itsy bitsy details in front.

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens

Steal her style: Look as stunning as Vanessa as you settle for a swimsuit with cute details. Details such as crisscross front can make your look instantly chic and fab. If you don’t want catchy colors, you can always choose something in classy black.

Black Crisscross-Front One-Piece Swimsuit | Lookbook Store

Black Crisscross-Front One-Piece Swimsuit




Super star momma, Jessica Alba, was spotted wearing this super gorgeous floral fringe kimono in Malibu few years back. It definitely added a chic and refreshing touch to her two-piece bikini set and fedora hat combo.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

Steal her style: Choose a cover-up that is lightweight and flowy. You can also consider details such floral prints and refreshing playful colors. It will instantly lighten and refresh not only your beach style but also your mood.

Floral Crop Sleeves Kimono - Sky-blue | Lookbook Store

Floral Crop Sleeves Kimono



The Legally Blonde actress is sure gorgeous as she wore this blue tasseled kaftan cover-up. This cover-up style is seriously comfortable and adorable at the same time. We just love the tassel details on its front laces. This style is definitely perfect for those ladies who are not a fan of sheer beach cover-ups.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon                                      

Steal her style: Can’t find the exact match for this blonde’s cover-up? Just grab something in similar shade and style, see below, and you’ll absolutely end up equally fab.

Navy Striped Lace-Up Kaftan Beach Cover-Up | Lookbook Store

Navy Striped Lace-Up Kaftan Beach Cover-Up



And who could forget when Halle Berry was spotted wearing a plunging tunic while vacationing in Hawaii a few years ago. She wore it over her sexy black halter two-piece bikini, which wonderfully complements her body shape and skin tone.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry

Steal her style: Grab your trusty tunic that you usually wear with you skinny jeans. Tunics that are slightly sheer, with low neckline, and is made from lightweight material are perfect to use as swimwear cover-ups.

Black Deep V-Neck High-Low Beach Cover-Up | Lookbook Store

Black Deep V-Neck High-Low Beach Cover-Up



Rihanna definitely slayed the bad gal style here as she wore her crochet cover-up over her teeny black bikini and choker. And of course, who wouldn’t notice her lace-up gladiator heels— something we could only recommend for bad gal level as Riri.



Steal her style: Don’t have guts as Riri? You could replace her cover-up with something crocheted but with a little more conservative style. Wear it over your sexy black bikini. And don’t worry, you don’t have to wear high heels. You can wear any gladiator flats instead, and you’ll end up fab with a slight bad ass vibe.

White Crochet Lace-Up Side Beach Cover-Up | Lookbook Store

White Crochet Lace-Up Side Beach Cover-Up


With summer in full swing in a few months, we’re surely you got some style inspiration from our list. So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping and brace yourself for the swim season.


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