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8 Off-Duty Looks to Give Victoria Secret Models a Run for Their Money

Posted: Apr 28 2016 by Lookbook Store

Fact: most women, including you and me, have self-esteem issues. A lot of women think they’re not pretty, sexy or attractive enough. This could bring our confidence down in various aspects in our lives. If you’re one of those who are blessed with brimming, unwavering self-confidence—congratulations! Sarcasm aside, it’s realistic to presume that a majority of us do battle with those voices of self-doubt often.


It’s because of that nagging feeling that we’re inadequate, flawed why we sorely envy those who are genetically blessed—the likes of supermodels—so much so that we often wish we’d look totally different from how we look now! Big mistake, girl. What we don’t know is that these models are no different from any of us: they suffer the same amount of self-criticism, similarly deal with ill-fitting clothes, and even share the same wish for a vastly different life (no kidding)! In fact, what they wear when they’re not on the catwalk aren’t any different from what you do on casual days!


Do you find that last statement unbelievable? Take a closer look at what these leggy models wear off the limelight and you’ll notice that many of the essential pieces in their ensembles are similar to those sitting in your closet right now. The difference? They wear theirs with pride and confidence.


Indeed, it’s a matter of perspective. Have fun mixing and matching clothes and it’ll show in your #OOTD. Treat the entire thing like a chore and the result will look that way, too.


Now, if you’re ready to embrace an off-duty look that seems effortless and fun as how Victoria Secret angels wear ‘em, these ideas are worth trying:


#1 Cuffed Leather Pants

We’ve seen countless girls cuff their skinny jeans... so why not do the same with a leather skinny? Roll those hems one or two folds above the topmost part of your boots—just like what we’ve seen on Taylor Hill—to give your pair a very casual vibe. This can be worn with ankle boots or sneakers.


Angel Tip: Play with contrast when wearing this style by pairing heavy eyeliners with a natural-looking hair bun to class up your look.

 Black Faux Leather Skinny Pants

Black Faux Leather Skinny Pants


#2 Half-Tucked Shirt

Do you want to make the impression that you just came from a casting call? Master the half-tucked shirt. You’ve all seen supermodels strut their stuff around town like their on a runway. Yet, when you look closely to what they’re wearing, it’s just a simple combination of a plain shirt and ripped jeans. The only difference is that they’re giving this classic ensemble a supermodel twist, and that is half-tucking their shirt. It’s that simple, right?


Angel Tip:  For a sassier look, opt for a hairdo to go with a half-tucked shirt. Sleep in two French braids the night before and undo them in the morning. Trust us, you’ll look rad!

 Black Classic Shirt


#3 Fitted, All-Black Theme

A lot of people veer away from monochromatic ensembles (all items in one shade) as it increases the risk of looking monotonous—which can sometimes be boring. That’s exactly why supermodels deliberately dress themselves black from head to foot... because they know nobody else would be bold enough to follow suit. Now that’s what you call style! And that’s something that we all can emulate easily with the right clothing pieces, like a black bodysuit complemented by black leather pants.


Angel Tip: A cool detail to complete your all-black #OOTD are slicked down, low ponytails. Do it with a little help from a heavy-duty shine spray or finishing gel.

Black Lace-Up Knit Bodysuit

Black Lace-Up Knit Bodysuit


#4 Polo Shirt

You can’t get any classier than this. Pair your classic polo with whatever you’d normally pair with a casual tee. This could be your trusty old boyfriend jeans, cutoff shorts or even a denim skirt. Now, you’re all set to turn heads!


Angel Tip: To give this classic look more personality, wear a messy, undone topknot.

Black Lace-Up Sleeveless Bodysuit

Black Lace-Up Sleeveless Bodysuit


#5 Basic Killer Look

One thing you immediately notice looking at the off-duty looks of Victoria’s Secret angels is this: they never seem to care about seasonal trends. Probably because they’re the ones to set those! They’re often the ones who are first seen with certain styles of clothing or beauty looks, which, of course, everyone loves to copy.


Nevertheless, you often see these supermodels go back to basics often with the timeless combo of black and white, plus ripped denim details.


Angel Tip: Going for a high-maintenance look? Pair nude lippies with voluminous black eyeliner and highlighters.

Faded Ripped Jeans

 Faded Ripped Jeans


#6 Signature Accessories

The thing with models is that they don’t always go flashy when off the runway to turn heads in their direction. Often you’ll see a bunch of them foregoing fur coats for a standout clutch or a pair of statement sunnies—great accents to add to outfits that feel less exciting.


Angel Tip: Got a great pastel hair to showcase? Do a fishtail braid then drape it over your shoulders.

 Silver Coin Bib Necklace


#7 Feminine OOTD + White Sneakers

Ask any model (or even celebrities) and they’ll readily admit how they love their pair of sneakers; so much so that they’ll instantly team up any ultra-femme get-up with white sneaks! If you ask us, that’s what we’d like to call the perfect contrast.


Angel Tip: If you’re blessed with well-defined brows, make sure to wear rich and vibrant lipstick shades. Why? They just make the latter look so much better!

Navy Blue Polka Dot Dress

Navy Blue Polka Dot Dress


#8 Structured Bag

Regardless of how casual your #outfit seems to appear, simply bring a sleek bag with you for that much-needed polish. And to keep all eyes on your entire ensemble, sling your bag just over one shoulder.


Angel Tip: Ponytails that look undone are smoldering hot nowadays. Take hint from Kendall Jenner’s go-to hairdo by securing the hair at the middle of the head but tugging lightly at those near the roots. And don’t forget to shake your hands through the lengths, too.

3D Cat Shoulder Bag + Purse

3D Cat Shoulder Bag + Purse


Not all are blessed with good genes—everybody knows that. But that’s no excuse to limit your wardrobe to pieces designed to hide your flaws. If you take a closer look at these fun, carefree, off-duty outfits worn by the likes of supermodels, you’ll realize that they don’t require a perfect figure to look good!


In the end, though, it all boils down to confidence. In fact, most stylists and designers will tell you the same when you want to look chic in an office attire or look good in bikinis!




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