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YOLO! 11 Ways to Wear Bikinis With Confidence

Posted: Mar 10 2016 by Lookbook Store

It's sexy when you walk by the pool in just your two-piece swimsuit or remove your cover-up in the beach to reveal a body clad in skimpy bikinis.


Sad to say not all of us feel that way, right? At times, especially when the beach is packed with gorgeous women in their equally gorgeous swimsuits, you just want to go a few steps back, like way back, and just hide under a big umbrella or just swim in your cover-up.

how to rock bikinis with confidence

Well, ladies, let us tell you that you don't have to hide under bodily imperfections. Yes, we may not have svelte figure of a Victoria's Secret Angel or the curves a of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, but we are still entitled to wear whatever we want in the beach.

So, this beach season, shed your inhibitions and rock bikinis with confidence with these tips:

 1. Give Your Body Love

woman sunbathing by the beach

The first step to having confidence is to show love to your body. And one way to do that is acceptance. Yes, all of us has flaws, and that's okay. The more you give love to your body, the less flaws you see, and the more you begin to feel confident.


2. Start a Healthy Diet

table filled with healthy food

Eating right is one way to look gorgeous in a swimsuit. If you're skin is glowing, then that's more than enough. Because what good is having a slim figure if it's dull and dry, right? So drink plenty of water, gorge on fruits and veggies, and you're body will be ready for bikini season in no time. Plus, you'll enjoy the bonus of eliminating unhealthy fats.


3. Wear Jewelry

If you don't feel comfortable showing your cleavage or your tummy, wearing jewelry is a great way to conceal them. A bib necklace or a long statement necklace can distract the eyes from your flaws.


4. Wear the Right Type of Swimwear

 Black Lace Halter Swimsuit

Black Lace Halter Swimsuit

Wearing the right kind for your body shape is just as important as having confidence. When you wear something that'll flatter your curves the right way, you'll feel good about it, and it'll radiate in your face. If you don't know what swimsuit to get, here's a guide that'll help you choose the perfect swimwear for your body type.


5. Choose a Bikini That You'll Love

Apart from wearing the right kind of swimsuit for your body type, it's also important to wear something you love. There's no point in wearing something that's suitable to your body when you don't like it. So choose not only that's right for you but also something that will make your heart flutter with excitement in just the sight of it.


6. Hit the Gym

man and woman jogging on a bridge

Exercising is a good way to get rid of the flab. If you haven't followed through with your plan to get a gym membership, now is the time. If going to the gym is not an option, there are workout routines you can do at home with the same fitness benefits.


7. Accept Your Stretch Marks

Everyone has stretch marks. Even models. So don't stress over it. Just wear your bikinis with pride. Also, if it helps, there are creams you can use to help reduce, if not eliminate, stretch mark visibility.


 8. Go with Friends

Have fun in the beach with friends


There is strength in numbers so if you're mighty conscious about strutting on the beach in a bikini, consider doing it with friends. This isn't about trying to create a comparison and you being on the winning streak, or that you're surrounding yourself with unattractive people. This is about feeling good about yourself when you surround yourself with the people  you love.


9. Focus on the Fun

Focus on the fun in the beach while wearing bikini

neon pink bikini set

Your main goal in heading to the beach is to fun with your gal pals. Not to wallow away in your insecurities. So just have fun and don't care what people think.


10. Go for High-Waists and Floral Prints

There's a wide array of bikini designs to choose from, and you can definitely find something that can help boost your  confidence. High-waist bikini bottoms can tuck away tummy flab. Bold floral prints can keep the eyes busy from your imperfections.


11. Lay Off the Salt

glass of water with lemons

Too much salt intake retains water, which then causes bloating. And one way to get rid of bloating is to drink lots of water. This will not only relieve you from the feeling of fullness, it'll also moisturize your skin, giving it a healthy glow.


All of us have our own bodily flaws. But that shouldn't stop you from doing what you want. If you want to wear bikinis, by all means, go ahead. What matters is that you're happy in your own skin.



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