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Top 7 Layering Tips to Keep You in the Style Game for Life

Posted: Jan 20 2016 by Lookbook Store

It’s without a doubt that layering can keep you warm all throughout the cold months. However, you got to admit that bundling up doesn’t really make you win any major points for being stylish and cool.


Fortunately, that can be remedied by keeping these layering tips in mind. Not only will these styling tricks keep you warm, but they can also make you look hot even as the weather gets chilly by the day.


  1. Use a white tee as your foundation.

outfit set with white tee, blue jeans and knitted sweater


If you’re in doubt as to how to layer clothes, start with a plain white t-shirt or a crisp white shirt. Then build your ensemble from there. In doing so, you’ll be able to add a touch of crispness to your blouses. Plus, the lightness around your neck can draw attention to your face. Most importantly, it’ll add a cool, casual vibe to your entire garb.


  1. Rotate your fave summer pieces with tights.

blue boho printed mini dress with boots, tights and coat

Just because the weather has turned cold doesn’t mean you should stow away your vibrant summer pieces. Floral sundresses and frocks with summery prints, like this blue printed bohemian mini dress, can still be appropriate for fall and winter with the help of tights, especially the opaque ones. For additional tips on how to transition your summer clothes for fall, and eventually winter, check out this blog.


  1. Don’t be afraid to show a peek of skin.

 Polyvore set with crop top, leather jacket, and harem pants

This may sound counter intuitive, but wearing a crop top actually doable even in the dead of winter. All you have to do is layer with a cool-looking cozy jacket and perhaps a pair of harem pants, and you’ll all be set for a day of warmth even if you’re showing some skin here and there.


  1. Add just one pop of color.

all-black set with mint lace  top and mint green backpack

This is a no brainer. In order to stand out in a sea of black-clad crowd, team your black pants, boots and jacket with a brightly colored top or scarf. Better yet, throw in a bag in the same shade as your colored top in to the mix for full-on attention-grabbing ensemble.


  1. Tie a plaid shirt around the waist.

red plaid shirt set with booties, one-shoulder tee, bag and hat

This is a fine alternative if you want to wear leggings but don’t have the right kind of long t-shirt or tunic to go with it. Just top off your outfit with a plaid shirt, a biker jacket, boots and a hat, and you have yourself a new, stylish winter wear.


  1. Let your accessories work for you.

accessories for layering clothes

You don’t have to limit yourself to clothes when it comes to layering. You can also make use of belts, floppy hats and even scarves to take your layering style game up a notch. For instance, drape a fancy looking scarf over your shoulders and cinch it with a belt in a cute way and voila! You have a flowy fancy top already.


  1. Balance boxy outfits with bare legs.

attire set on how to balance boxy outfits


We normally reach for our jackets when the weather turns cold, and we oftentimes look bulky on them. To balance the boxy look, don’t be afraid to show some skin, weather permitting. So if you’re going to wear a boxy jacket or coat, opt to wear a floaty dress.  If it’s too cold to bare your legs, wear tall boots. Or wear black opaque tights. Either way, it'll keep you covered and provide extra layer of warmth on any cold day.


With these style tips, you earn yourself a spot in the layering style game for life. So get your groove on and jazz up your look for winter and say bye-bye to frumpiness.




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