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Start Looking Fab with Pantone's Color of The Year

Posted: Jan 06 2016 by Lookbook Store

Move over Marsala. We're going softer and lighter this 2016. The gods of color, a.k.a. Pantone, have spoken, and they're Rose Quartz and Serenity.


Indeed, pretties. For the first time ever, two colors will be gracing the year, and we must say they're both gorgeous.


Both colors are completely at the opposite sides of the spectrum with Rose Quartz a warm shade and Serenity a cool one, yet the combination can make for a stylish ensemble. In fact, blending these shades can create stunning outfits, makeup, design and even hair color.


The pairing of these colors is also pretty symbolic. According to Leatrice Eiseman, the Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, "Joined together Rose Quartz and Serenity demonstrate an inherent balance between a warmer embracing rose tone and the color tranquil blue, reflecting connection as wellness as well as a soothing sense of order and peace."


That's pretty heavy stuff, don't you think?


It's signifying the cultural shift we are experiencing right now, such as gender blur, equality and the instant availability of digital information in terms of fashion. And so Rose Quarts and Serenity are the perfect compliment as the former symbolizes gentleness and compassion while the latter provides feelings of calmness and respite for busy days.


Now that you know about it, you might be wondering how you're going to infuse these colors to your style. Well, through self-expression, of course! What's great about these colors is that they can work all year long, regardless of the season. 


Plus, they're colors that do not easily fade away from the limelight. So even though  there'll be a new color the of year in 2017, Rose Quarts and Serenity will remain as eye-catching colors that are beloved by millions of fashion enthusiast around the globe.


So what do you think about Pantone's color of the year? Will you wear these colors? Let us know by sharing your insights in the comments section below.



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