8 Easy Ways to Transition Your Wardrobe From Winter to Spring | Lookbook Store

8 Easy Ways to Transition Your Wardrobe From Winter to Spring

Posted: Feb 28 2018 by Lookbook Store

8 Easy Ways to Transition Your Wardrobe From Winter to Spring | Lookbook Store

Winter is almost over, but of course, the on and off cold weather is still not over. Spring weather might be like an on-and-off romance that becomes hot at times and suddenly becomes cold again. Winter, on the other hand, may be the season of layered outfits. And when spring comes, it’s as if there’s a signal that you need to start putting away your bulkiest sweaters and jackets, and give way to some lighter and more warm weather-friendly stuff.

However, we don’t want to see you putting away all those fabulous pieces away. Sure enough, there are useful stuff there that you can still wear in spring. So before you say goodbye to those awesome stuff, scroll down! And learn about the tips on how to make those winter stuff more stylish and spring-appropriate.



With temperatures still going up and down, it’s better if you go for fabrics that are light and breathable, but still has some weight. Fine wool blends, cashmere, light tweed, cotton, and suede are some if the best options. Another tip – if you want to build a wardrobe with clothes that can be worn all year-round, you should always take note of the material being used making sure that your clothes can still be wearable throughout different temperatures.For example, you can invest in a high-quality neutral-toned sweater that is versatile enough to be worn over button-down shirts and dresses, or matched with skirts and jeans. They are a good investment because you can basically wear them through fall, winter, and spring.


Grey Ribbed Cable Knit Side-Slit Sweater - Lookbook Store

Grey Ribbed Cable Knit Side-Slit Sweater



Before you get giddy about those colorful peep toes and sandals, at least make the most of your winter boots first. You might have enjoyed wearing your boots with your skinny jeans or leather trousers in winter. But in spring, those boots will surely look great when worn with flirty skirts and dresses. On the early spring, when the weather is still a bit cold, try pairing your knee-high boots with girly dresses, like the one below, or skirts and you will be surprised with how it can you look effortlessly stylish from day to night. But as it gets warmer, replace your knee-highs to ankle boots for a bit tough and look getup.


Navy Floral Pattern Surplice Skater Dress - Lookbook Store

Navy Floral Pattern Surplice Skater Dress



Another trick to make your spring ensemble more breathable and light is to trade your dark-colored outfits to lighter and brighter colored ones. You can start putting your black blazers behind your wardrobe and make way to your bright and pastel-colored cardigans and blazers. But don’t wear that sundress yet. Maybe you got some floral dresses, blouses, and skirts that you used to wear under a sweater or coat in winter.  Wear them alone in spring to create more spring-appropriate looks. Surely these chic, cute, and colorful printed items will more style and personality to your spring OOTD.


Black Floral Roll-Tab Sleeves Wrap Dress - Lookbook Store

Black Floral Roll-Tab Sleeves Wrap Dress



Spring is still a great time for layering, but relax. There is no need to get carried away. The secret to layering in spring is to keep it simple. Start by sticking to two or three layers maximum. If you are going to the office, you may want to try layering your sweater dress with a skirt dress, or try a printed dress with a crisp button-down shirt. Proper layering will keep your look both stylish and functional for spring season. For outerwear, choose trench coats, vests, or cardigans, over your wool coats. It’s also smart to invest in a classic water resistant trench that would keep you ready for spring showers.


Black Zip-Up Collared Fleece Vest - Lookbook Store

Black Zip-Up Collared Fleece Vest



We are sure that you’ve been wanting to ditch those tights as spring comes in. But unfortunately there are still time when the weather won’t permit you to do so. But we got some solution for that! Start small by opting to patterned tights paired with your leather jacket for a totally cool street style. You can also opt to a pretty sassy look by wearing an off-shoulder top or those sweaters with shoulder slits with jeans and ankle boots. Or give your street style a little sexy twist by those tall boots with a mini skirt and sweaters. It’s a good way to be sexy while keeping everything on top covered for a well-balanced look.


Mustard Yellow Cutout Slit Loose Sweater - Lookbook Store

Mustard Yellow Cutout Slit Loose Sweater



Probably one of the chicest ways to welcome a new season is by incorporating the year’s top colors. You can do that by adding one or few items of clothing of the year’s color of the year. Doing so makes you look like you’re saying hello to the fresh and latest trends. This year, ultra violet and shades of pink, orange, and yellow are definitely in! So you should make sure you have something in your wardrobe with these colors. A good way to do this is by wearing chunky jewelries or shoes in these colors. But of course nothing beats having a top, a skirt, a jacket, or anything that comes in these colors.


Purple Front Twist Knot Long Sleeves Crew Neck Blouse - Lookbook Store

Purple Front Twist Knot Long Sleeves Crew Neck Blouse



One of the trendy fashion pieces that never go out of style are the ones that are cropped. We don’t mean cropped tan tops for spring. This year, one of the trends being raved about are cropped sweatshirts. So you better add some of these babies to your wardrobe. Cropped sleeves are also the best choice for the fluctuating temperature, so you better have dresses or tops with these sleeves.


Black Crisscross-Front Crop Sleeves Top - Lookbook Store

Black Crisscross-Front Crop Sleeves Top



There are probably time when you get tired of wearing peacoats and parkas. It’s the perfect time to wear those boyfriend blazers as spring slowly slips in. Blazers are the classiest and easiest transition outerwear. Try wearing them over a bright graphic shirt and tailored jeans for a casual yet sophisticated spring look.


Navy Notched Lapel Buttons Blazer - Lookbook Store

Navy Notched Lapel Buttons Blazer


There you have it, ladies. While the unpredictable temperature may force you to be drab, heeding to these tricks will help you transition your wardrobe from winter to spring strategically. Now go, and never let the weather stop you from being fab.


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