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8 Corporate Style Bloggers You Will Surely Love

Posted: Nov 02 2017 by Lookbook Store

Every office or company is different. There can be different rules. There can be different standards. There can be different dress codes. And whether you like it or not, the way you look plays an important role on how others in your workplace would perceive you and at some point affect your success in the modern workplace.

8 Corporate Style Bloggers You Will Surely Love | Lookbook Store

Nowadays, casual wear is becoming more popular in the workplace. Working ladies get to play with fashion and take their style to work. For some Mondays, are the best of times. Still to some, it is the worst of times. Some wake up singing on a Monday morning and use an extra hour to excitedly try on work outfits. Some find themselves running late because they’re buried under a pile of clothes and still have nothing to wear.

Nobody wants to be a part of the latter that’s why you always watch out for anything that could help you keep your head high. And to further assist you with this, we summed up eight of the most popular and loved corporate style bloggers. These women who are talented, creative, and super stylish that they could wonderfully adapt fashion-forward looks to something appropriate for the office. Get out of your comfort zone and get some inspiration from these office-appropriate fashion bloggers.



Pretty momma blogger Rachel Parcell makes over-the-top girly wardrobe choices such as glitter, pink, floral lace look totally classy and professional. She also loves plaids, florals, and pastel colors which she regularly incorporate with her outfits. On days you feel like indulging in your girly obsessions, never hesitate to visit her blog full of pretty pinks, gingham, and cute bows.

Rachel Parcell | Lookbook Store

Rachel Parcell

Steal her style by pairing this grey turtleneck ribbed knit sweater with your white lacy pencil skirt.

Grey Turtleneck Ribbed Knit Twisted Lace-Side Sweater | Lookbook Store

Grey Turtleneck Ribbed Knit Twisted Lace-Side Sweater



If you are looking for outfits that are best for business casual to corporate settings and even evening work events, then Ashely’s blog is worth your visit. If you are into one-piece work outfits, then you are in for a great surprise with lots of beautiful dress inspirations here. She has an awesome talent for monochromatic looks and feminine pieces with a lot of skirts and dresses. She’s also great at accessorizing making her outfit ten times more stylish and fab. She’s also a lover of blazers and cardigan as you can spot them on most of her outfits.

Ashley | Blushing Geek


Steal her style as you wear this navy blue blazer over your blue and white dress.

Navy Notched Lapel Buttons Blazer - Lookbook Store

Navy Notched Lapel Buttons Blazer



If you love minimalist style, then this blog is for you. Julia loves to keep her look simple and casual. She likes oxfords and clean silhouettes, but she also incorporates latest trends such as color-blocking. Browse through her blog and you’ll find effortlessly fabulous outfits that are awesome for casual Fridays.

Julia Engel | Lookbook Store

Julia Engel

Steal her style and conquer the sweater weather with this mustard yellow sweater.

Mustard Yellow Cutout Slit Loose Sweater - Lookbook Store

Mustard Yellow Cutout Slit Loose Sweater



Beautiful Krystal of This Time Tomorrow shows of daily images of how she creatively create her office attire. Her style is literally brave. She wears bold prints and four-inch high stilettos. But she also loves the classics such as the pantsuits and separate skirts and blouses. She is also in mixing and combining, and she is obsessed in wearing our favorite pieces in creative unique ways.

Krystal | Lookbook Store

Office to Date Night Look by Krystal

Steal her style by topping off your favorite date night dress with this deep green blazer.

Deep Green Draped Blazer - Lookbook Store

Deep Green Draped Blazer


#5 9to5Chic

Anh is a fan of coats and outerwear. You can tell by merely looking at her everyday style. Her clothes might be a bit pricey for average girls, but we just can’t skip adding her classic style to the list. If you are going to have a big meeting coming up or you just want to make that CEO impression, then drop by her blog for inspiration. From power shoes and blazers, she all have it here.

Anh of 9to5Chic | Lookbook Store

Anh of 9to5Chic

Steal her style by cinching this double-breasted blazer with a belt on the waist.

Black Double Breasted Long Fit Ribbed Cotton Cardigan | Lookbook Store

Black Double Breasted Long Fit Ribbed Cotton Cardigan



With her timeless style like Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy, we can say that Blair must be the most glamorous among the eight. She just love to infuse glamour and sophistication in her daily ensembles. She mixes up ladylike dresses, purses, heels, coats, and scarves in the most amazing and lovely work-appropriate outfits. If you are up for an important meeting and you need to impress, or if you like slaying that glamorous corporate look, then visiting this blog is a must!

Blair in red | Lookbook Store

Blair in red

Steal her style by wearing this red dress under your red coat.

Red Short Sleeves Crisscross Back Skater Dress - Lookbook Store

Red Short Sleeves Crisscross Back Skater Dress



Want to re-create your favorite celebrity’s look? Then you must definitely check out this blog! Here, Carmen Ordonez tells and shares how to imitate the latest looks from celebrities – from Rachel McAdams to Pippa Middleton. She is doing an amazing job on it!

Carmen Ordonez | Lookbook Store

Carmen Ordonez

Steal her style by layering your black dress with an army jacket making it more office-appropriate and trendy at the same time.

Plus Size Black Decollete Neckline Pencil Dress - Lookbook Store

Plus Size Black Decollete Neckline Pencil Dress



Of course, we have to give way to a blogger who’s already been featured on a billboard in Times Square, and that’s no other than Tanesha Awasthi. Surely curvy girls won’t be left out of trends and stylishness if you keep on following her. She breaks the so-called “fashion rules” and shows that all shapes and sizes of women are beautiful. She features stylish street style that aren’t only stylish but also work-appropriate.

Tanesha Awasthi | Lookbook Store

Tanesha Awasthi

Steal her style by wearing your black dress with your nude heels and bag.

Plus Size Black Short-Sleeves Skater Dress - Lookbook Store

Plus Size Black Short Sleeves Skater Dress


Ready for work now, ladies? Hope you got the inspiration you needed to conquer your workplace. Have a wonderful day!


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