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Trench Coat 101: 5 Ways to Wear Trench Like Hollywood A-Listers

Posted: Nov 18 2015 by Lookbook Store

Since the weather is turning cold on each passing day forcing us to bundle up, we might as well make our trench coats a part of our style arsenal. After all, what good is being dressed to kill when a frumpy coat is just going to ruin your look, right?


Of course, it can be a little tricky to pull off such a chic look especially if you've never thought about using trench coats as part of your style arsenal.

 Female celebrities in trench coats

Fortunately, we have our favorite celebrities to show us how. Check out these celebs' outfits and pick up some style tips along the way.


  1. Emma Watson

Emma Watson in a beige trench coat


Turn a casual outfit into fab one with a structured coat, such as this vintage-inspired camel coat. We love how Emma took her simple white top and black skirt combo and turned it into something chic with just a coat. And as if her outfit couldn't get any chicer, she pared down her ensemble with a pair of sleek black loafers.


  1. Lea Michelle

Lea Michelle in a fuschia trench coat


Apart from loving her coat's hot pink color, we also can't help but notice how its flared silhouette added a classic touch to her entire look. So even though she's all bundled up, the former Glee star doesn't look frumpy at all. Instead, it made us think that there must be another gorgeous outfit underneath that cozy cover waiting to wow us.

Like hers, create an illusion of a slim waist by opting for this flared double-breasted trench coat. And don't forget to wear a va-va-voom underneath that warm layer.


  1. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift in a red dress and blue coat


Standout in a sea of neutral-colored-coat-clad crowd by wearing something bold and vibrant like Taylor Swift in the photo above. We love how she played with colors. Even though they're both eye-catching, the colors blue and red blend well with other that they don't clash at all.

Blue trench coat and red dresses

Red combined dress | Navy double-breasted trench coat | Red velvet bodycon dress

If you want something a little subtle but still attention-grabbing, these navy double-breasted trench coat and red combined dress by Livlov might do just the trick.


  1. Jamie Chung

Jamie Chung in a white dress and beige coat


Wearing a trench coat can sometimes leave you feeling bulky and bundled up. So we love Jamie Chung's fresh take on how to wear a trench coat. She looked so refreshing with minimal makeup, a white dress and strappy heels.

 Brown trench coat and white dresses

Hattie Dress by NARCES | Tan single-breasted coat | White grid lace sheath dress

So if you feel like your fall outfit needs a breather, go for a white garb. Then let your hair down and leave your trench coat open until the weather becomes too chilly for your gorgeousness to handle. 


  1. Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham in a sleeveless camel trench coat


As mentioned, trench coats can make a big difference to your wear. However, if the weather isn't chilly enough for sleeved one, go for an outerwear with a sleeveless cut like this army green sleeveless trench coat. This will help you earn more style points  while still providing an extra layer of warmth.

As you can see, these style A-listers have managed to pull off a chic look with their coats. And so can you.


Have you managed to pull off a chic outfit with a Lookbook Store trench coat? Post it on Instagram and tag us @lookbookstoredaily with the hash tag #lbsdaily for a chance to get featured on our LBS Daily page.



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