7 Tips on How to Extend the Life of your Summer Wardrobe | Lookbook Store

7 Tips on How to Extend the Life of your Summer Wardrobe

Posted: Nov 11 2016 by Lookbook Store

7 Tips on How to Extend the Life of your Summer Wardrobe | Lookbook Store

Pumpkin pies, apples, cooler temperatures, and the beginning of the holiday season. Who doesn’t get excited with all these autumn stuff? Truly, the cold season is finally here.

But what comes with that excitement is the stress when you see your favorite store’s changing window displays reminding you that you need to update your wardrobe for a new and colder season. You were once fine with all those pretty breezy dresses and dainty skirts. And you suddenly wonder what will happen to all those beautiful stuff.

Don’t worry pals. You don’t have to throw away all your good stuff from summer. All you need to do is to cook up new ways to wear them. By adding a few key pieces, you can wear you your awesome summer outfits and you can turn them to super fab fall ootds and even extend them till winter.

So here are some of the very simple ways on how to make your summer wardrobe work till the cold season.


Work it with layers.

Can’t let go of your crisp white collared shirt? Wear it underneath a sweater and you’ll be creating a very fashionable look.

Layered outfits aren’t only functional but they are very fashion-forward. By layering your summer clothes with your fall pieces, you will create outfits that will not only keep you warm on cold days, but you will also come out fab with those killer combos.

But how do we successfully pull off that layered look? Remember that the shirt and sweater color are important. They should go well with each other. You can go for the light and dark combo for it never fails. Or if you decide to go for the patterned, keep in mind that only one, either the shirt or the sweater, should be printed. If you are worried about the bulkiness, choose a sweater that lightly hug your arms and shoulders. They will keep your whole outfit in place and will help you avoid that baggy look.

Another tip, for formal instances, your shirt needs to be tucked into your pants. Leave it out and show a bit of it at the bottom of your sweater if you opt for a more casual do.

White Classic Button-Down Shirt and Must-have Lavender Sweater | Lookbook Store

White Classic Button-Down Shirt | Must-Have Lavender Sweater


Bring out those tights and leggings.

Stock up on tights and leggings that basically cost you not more $30 not only for gym day but because having them will definitely help you get through the cold season. Adding tights to your outfit is wonderful way to extend the life of your favorite summer dress or skirt. Go for the opaque tights or the others with so much texture on them, like the cable knit versions. They are just so perfect for adding some style to your getup.
If you are not a fan of tights, you can always go for leggings. Some styles look like actual pants with a lot of stretch on it. Some also come with cute patterns that you can play with. They look great with summer tunics. It’ll give you more coverage while making you look fashion forward.

Black High-Waist Leggings and Aztec Floral Leggings | Lookbook Store

Black High-Waist Leggings | Aztec Floral Leggings


Get that statement-making outerwear.

The store of jackets, blazers, coats, and other toppersis definitely the best place to spend your fashion budget. A statement-making outerwear can change the overall mood and look of your outfit with summer fabrics and prints.

Consider investing on a leather jacket, a camel coat, a military-style cargo jacket, or a stylish blazer. Choose an outerwear that will stand out but can be worn with almost all of your summer pieces. One perfect outerwear can do wonders in almost all of your summery clothes.

Moss Green Button-Down Military Jacket and Black PU Sleeve Coat | Lookbook Store

Moss Green Button-Down Military Jacket | Black PU Sleeve Coat


Don’t let go of your maxi dresses.                           

We know how you looked amazingly fab on the beach in your maxi. You don’t have to fret about having to put them away this fall. You just need to rework your maxi dresses by wearing them with long sleeves. If you want to nail a lovely casual fall outfit, try to layer up your maxis with a belted blazer, a chunky knit sweater, or even a knotted chambray shirt. The secret is to choose something that will define your waist for an added structure and style.

Mosaic Saffron Print Front-Slit Long Dress | Lookbook Store

Mosaic Saffron Print Front-Slit Long Dress


Add some jewel and earth tones.

I really love this season when light and pastel colors give way to jewel and earth tones. But it doesn’t mean that you have to put away all those pretty pastel dresses. You just have to refashion them by adding a touch of jewel or earth color.

For example, don’t take away that perfect light blue summer dress yet. You could top it off with a navy cardigan or blazer then finish off your pretty girl fall look with a pair of nice booties.

Always look out for low-cost pieces in jewel and earth tones such as a mustard scarf, a teal necklace, or a rust-colored leggings.

Light Blue Keyhole Racerback Skater Dress and Navy Blue Draped Blazer | Lookbook Store

Light Blue Keyhole Racerback Skater Dress | Navy Blue Draped Blazer


Invest on boots.

Boots are one of the cold season staples that could make almost all outfits ready for the cool weather. While you can splurge on buying low-cost boots that are more on looks than function, remember that investing on a high-quality one is very important especially if you want to extend most of your outfits to winter.

Wear a summer dress with a leather jacket and a pair of knee high boots. Or try on your skirt and sweater combo with an over-the-knee pair. Donning a fab pair of boots is indeed the easiest way to extend everything from dresses, to jeans, to shorts, to skirts.

Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid | Lookbook Store

Taylor Swift in her dark ankle boots | Gigi Hadid in her over-the-knee pair


Don’t mind the rules.

Some so called “fashion rules” might be the reason why some people spend so much money on their wardrobe every time the season changes. Some rules such as no white after Labor Day, don’t match navy with black, no socks or tights on open toe shoes, or your bag should match your shoes.

The secret is just to ignore the rules. Rather than dwelling on the thought whether or not your outfit is fall-appropriate, the more important question is “Is it weather-appropriate?” Remember that fashion is fifty percent for your audience and fifty percent for your personal style. Always choose something you think you look good with and something you feel comfortable wearing.

Black Sleeveless Midi Dress and Navy Blue Double Lapel Fit-and-Flare Blazer | Lookbook Store

Black Sleeveless Midi Dress | Navy Blue Double Lapel Fit-and-Flare Blazer


It can be really tempting to shell out all of fashion budget on shopping brand new clothes for the colder seasons. But remember, with just a few tricks such as the ideas mentioned above, you could extend any outfit you want to fall or even winter and save a big part of your money for any untoward clothing needs. 

Hope these ideas are helpful. Do you know any other ways to extend our summer clothes to colder seasons? Let us know girls!



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