7 Easy Ways to Look Fab When You are a Plus Size | Lookbook Store

7 Easy Ways to Look Fab When You are a Plus Size

Posted: Aug 25 2017 by Lookbook Store

7 Easy Ways to Look Fab When You are a Plus Size | Lookbook Store


To the women whom they call “plus size”.To you who badly wanna lose weight because you don’t want to be left out. To you who’ve been dying to eat that bar of chocolate. To you who spent hours in the gym working out. To you who’s so frustrated because nothing seems to be happening. It’s not the end of the world, girl. You are beautiful!


Body confidence doesn’t always come from having a small waist, wide hips, full breasts and buttocks, and long legs. It doesn’t come from having a perfect body. It doesn’t come from being flawless. It comes from embracing the kind of body that you already have.


Though there’s nothing wrong about wanting to be lighter and healthier, the frustration and the stress that comes with it is quite unbearable at times. So, we encourage you ladies to take it easy and don’t be too hard on yourselves. Love yourself like those famous celebrities and models who believe that being a plus size is beautiful.


Feel good about yourself by choosing the right clothes for your body type. Choosing the right style of clothes can totally make a huge difference. Keep browsing and splurge on these awesome outfits that will surely make plus size-dressing super easy and fab!


Turn heads with your top.

Tops with plunging V neckline, like the one below, are great for almost all kinds of body shapes. It is because it enhances the shape of your upper torso and shows off your collarbone, thus, elongating your neckline.


Plus Size Black V Neckline Twist Knot-Front Top

Plus Size Black V Neckline Twist Knot-Front Top


Another perfect choice are tops with sweetheart or scoop neckline and other necklines with soft draped details. These can easily flatter your neckline and draw attention to your face and on the upper part of your body. Take a look at the examples below.


Plus Size Burgundy Ruched Surplice Top and Plus Size Navy Blue Ruched Surplice Top - Lookbook Store

Plus Size Burgundy Ruched Surplice Top | Plus Size Navy Ruched Surplice Top


Dare to wear color.

Who says that you can only wear black? A celebrity stylist once said that the key to a flattering garment comes down to fit and not with color. Basically, white, brighter, and lighter colors don’t make you look larger (except on camera), just as black won’t make you look slimmer if it doesn’t fit properly. When shopping for colorful dresses, avoid those that comes in baggy and flimsy fabrics for it will highlight bumps. You should also put in mind that color has nothing to do with your shape, but it should always complement your complexion.


Look at the following skater dresses. They come in unexpected colors, but with their fit and remarkable material, they are sure to give you an awesome look regardless what your size is.


Plus Size Mustard Yellow Short-Sleeves Skater Dress - Lookbook Store

Plus Size Mustard Short Sleeves Skater Dress


Care to be classy.

One of the old school rules you should still be following is that bulk does not look good on anyone. When it comes to dressing, choose clothes that follows your curves without it being so clingy. There are lots of fabrics that provides the perfect amount of stretch that will definitely give you a smooth and sexy look without being so slinky. Perhaps a velvet dress is an amazing choice if you want to pull off a classy casual to formal look. If you are worrying about your waist, accentuate and define it with belts and cinchers.


Plus Size Navy Blue Velvet Wrap Dress - Lookbook Store

Plus Size Navy Blue Velvet Wrap Dress


Don details.

Don’t be afraid to wear details! Of course putting a big bow on your least favorite body feature is a disgusting idea. Always choose details and put those details on areas that work for you. Little extras can do magic when they are properly placed. Ruching, for example, is really good for areas that needs a bit of support while creating shape without adding volume. Even tassels and ruffles can do wonders when placed correctly. Also, a little whatnots on sleeves, necklines, cuffs, and hem of the skirt can be pretty powerful.


Take a look at these lace dresses for example. It includes some wonderful itsy bitsy details that will work out on almost any body type.


Plus Size Deep Green Lace Crop Sleeves Wrap Dress and Plus Size Black Runching Bodycon Dress - Lookbook Store

Plus Size Deep Green Lace Crop Sleeves Wrap Dress | Plus Size Black Ruching Bodycon Dress


Don’t forget the drapes.

Do not shy away pencil, A-line, flared, and wrap around dresses. They can be your best friend when worn in the right way. The secret is to choose something that is fitted (but not too fitted) around your bust area and skim over your tummy. Dresses with draped details, especially on the tummy area, can elongate the midsection of your body thus creating beautiful curves.


This royal blue wrap dress below is a stunning example.


Plus Size Royal Blue Asymmetrical Wrap-Style Dress - Lookbook Store

Plus Size Royal Blue Asymmetrical Wrap-Style Dress


Break the monochrome.

Monochrome can really work magic because it creates one long, lean, and continuous line. Our advice? Use it, but don’t abuse it. Simply throwing on random pieces of clothing in the same color or shade can also make you look unattractive, and worst, sloppy. To skip that trap, we encourage to play around. Play with different fabrics. Play with different texture. And most of all, play with colors. Breaking a monochromatic look is worth it. Trust me.


Try accessorizing with a pop of color. Or simply choose a dress with surprising details such as this asymmetric dress with white trims and little black dress with a twist.


Plus Size Black Mesh Bottom Surplice Dress and Plus Size Navy Asymmetric Wrap Bodycon Dress- Lookbook Store

Plus Size Black Mesh-Bottom Surplice Dress | Plus Size Navy Asymmetric Wrap Bodycon Dress


Trick the trend.

Are you one of the girls who often say “I could never wear that” whenever you see a new trend? Oh girl, if it floats your boat, please just go for it. Maybe you’ve thought that you could never wear a crop top. You’re wrong. Do you know that opting for something that’s cut a bit longer and paired with a high-waisted pencil skirt can be so fabulously stunning? Harem pants can work just for you as well. You just need to find a pair that is stretchy and draped, and you’re good to go.


Or maybe you’ve been wanting to wear one of those sundresses. Why not settle for an equally stunning dress like this blue floral dress? They come with longer sleeves and more detailed floral work, but they can definitely work as fabulous as those regular sleeveless dresses.


Plus Size Light Blue Floral-Print Lace Dress - Lookbook Store

Plus Size Light Blue Floral-Print Lace Dress


By this time ladies, we are hoping that you’ve already dismissed the idea that you cannot be chic and fab just because you’re not of the same size as most women in magazines and runways. Keep in mind that beauty is not measured in pounds. It’s also not about what size you wear. But it’s always about how you wear your size.


‘Til next time, gorgeous people!



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