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7 Awesome Celebrity-Approved Ways to Wear your Off-Shoulder

Posted: Sep 22 2016 by Lookbook Store

If you’ve hit up places recently, I am sure you’ve spotted several girls parading in their off-shoulder getups. Whether in bars, malls, streets, or formal events such as weddings, women in this style are probably teeming.


Off-shoulder style is not a new invention. As the saying goes, history repeats itself. The same is true with fashion. This off-the-shoulder trend first took the center stage in the 1950s, and they are finally making a comeback this year!


This year, runways, red carpets, and yes, even sidewalks have been filled with shoulder-baring arrays. This style is also kicking up a notch in the celebrity world. Your favorite celebrities and models were spotted rocking this extremely chic trend. It seems that exposed shoulders are the newest and chicest way to show some skin. It must also be the easiest, because unlike abs, shoulders always look good. You can skip your exercise routine for a day or two and still look good with this style.


With heaps of different styles of tops out there, there are indeed so many wondrous ways to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe. Truly, off-the-shoulder numbers are actually quite versatile. Depending on the accessories you use it with, they can be perfect for your evening glam and they can also look super casual. But of course, if you want to get it on this trend, you would want to know how your favorite famous people donned it.


Check out this great list and be as fab as your favorite star!


1. Ruffled and Puffed


Ruffled and puffed are the most common kind of off-the-shoulder tops. These styles give these trend an instant bohemian, hippie, or gypsy vibe. Take note that ruffles around your bust willhighlight your cleavage so this will be great for those ladies who are not so busty. If you’re wearing these, do not forget to balance it out by matching it with geometrically structured accessories. These items are usually great for summer but it can be brought to fall. You just have to choose the ones with longer sleevesto help you battle off the cool breeze.


Check out how these lovely ladies flaunted their dos. From classy Olivia to festival Kendall, these tops are versatile indeed.


Olivia Palermo and Kendall Jenner off-shoulder outfits

Olivia Palermo and Kendall Jenner in Their Puffed Off-Shoulders


Steal that look: Get those puffs and ruffles. Go for this Eyelet Off-Shoulder Top and Orange Polka Dots Off-Shoulder Top.


Eyelet Off Shoulder Top and Orange Polka Dots Off-Shoulder Top | Lookbook Store

Eyelet Off-Shoulder Top | Orange Polka Dots Off-Shoulder Top


2. Light and Breezy


    One of the most common festival outfits is the loose, light, and nearly see-through off-shoulder pieces. Therefore, it is a wonderful choice for summer. It can be a unique and feminine swimwear cover up or anything that you would love to use when you go out strolling.However, these can also be good options for warm fall days. Again, you just have to choose the ones with the correct sleeves and right colors as well.


    Take a look at how Beyonce did it. And oh, these items are certainly gorgeous Olivia’s favorites.


    Beyonce and Olivia Palermo

    Beyonce in Her Summery White Off-Shoulder | Olivia Palermo in Alluring Blue


    Steal that look: Pair this Off-Shoulder Bell Sleeve Crop Top with your lacy shorts and strappy heels for Queen B’s warm summery feel. This Blue Striped Split-Sleeve Off-Shoulder Top will go really well with your favorite distressed skinny jeans to get that Olivia’s casual vibe.


    Off-Shoulder Bell Sleeve Crop Top and Blue Striped Split-Sleeve Off-Shoulder Top | Lookbook Store

    Off-Shoulder Bell Sleeve Crop Top | Blue Striped Split-Sleeve Off-Shoulder Top


    3. That Midriff Skin


      Because of its versatility, an off-shoulder crop top can practically be worn with anything whether it’s high-waisted or low-hung. So far, it is also the best way to show off some skin on cool days. Showing a little midriff skin won’t hurt but it’ll give you a sultrier feel instead. You got the choice of going for the casual look by matching it with a pair of denims or you can go for the classy chic when you pair it your long maxi skirt.


      Look at how the pretty Ariana Grande nailed the look.


      Ariana Grande

      Ariana Grande in her Black Off-Shoulder Crop Top


      Steal that look: Pair this Black Off-Shoulder Crop Top with your Blue Distressed High-Waist Skinny Jeans for a “grande” look.


      Black Off Shoulder Crop Top and Blue Distressed High-Waist Skinny Jeans | Lookbook Store

      Black Off-Shoulder Crop Top | Blue Distressed High-Waist Skinny Jeans


      4. Fit and Loose Combo


      You can be inventive and playful through this contrasting but exciting combination. A puffy loose off-shoulder top combined with a simple pair of skinny jeans will create a cool and feminine look. On the other hand, a tailored off shoulder top and a puffy bottom, like jogger pants or a full skirt, is definitely elegant and chic.


      Dakota Johnson and Hailey Baldwin displayed fabulous allegories.


      Dakota Johnson and Hailey Baldwin

      Dakota Johnson in her Tailored Off-Shoulder & Loose Trousers
      Hailey Baldwin in her Loose Ruffled Off-Shoulder and Fitted Mini


      Steal that look: Match your fitted off-shoulder with this Black Drawstring Joggers for an “Ana Steele” feel. Or pair your Blue Striped Layered Off-Shoulder Crop Top with your fave mini and be as hot as Hailey Baldwin.


      Black Drawstring Joggers and Blue Striped Layered Off-Shoulder Crop Top | Lookbook Store

      Black Drawstring Joggers | Blue Striped Layered Off-Shoulder Crop Top


      5. Light and Heavy Fabrics

      Trendy off-shoulder apparels typically comes with the similar kinds of material, fabrics that are commonly light and breezy. If you love wearing those off-shoulder tops, it is smart for you to pair it with heavier fabrics such as denim and leather. The secret to achieve a more daring and tough but femme look is to create a contrasting effect among the fabrics.


      To understand more of these, check out our tough girls, Victoria Beckham and Alexa Chung and how they pinned the look.


      Victoria Beckham and Alexa Chung

      Victoria Beckham in Black One Shoulder and Leather Pants
      Alexa Chung in her Breesy Off-Shoulder Paired with a Denim Mini


      Steal that look: Pair your favorite off-shoulder piece with this Black PU Leather Skinny Pants or Frayed Denim Asymmetric Pencil Skirt


      Black PU Leather Skinny Pants and Frayed Denim Asymmetric Pencil Skirt | Lookbook Store

      Black PU Leather Skinny Pants | Frayed Denim Asymmetric Pencil Skirt


      6. Long Imaginary Line

      Using one color scheme or pattern on your outfit from top to bottom will create an imaginary long flowing line that will create an illusion of a taller and longer silhouette. This look is particularly wondrous for petite ladies. If you want to look taller, all you need to do is to pair your fave off-shoulder piece with a pair of jeans or a long skirt that has the same color scheme or pattern.


      Karlie and Kendall definitely made use of this trick. Check out their looks!


      Karlie Kloss and Kendall Jenner

      Karlie Kloss is in an All-Black Scheme
      Kendall Jenner is Putting Off A Black and Grey Scheme


      Steal that look: This Black Side-Slit Long Skirt is the secret to Karlie Kloss’ look. While this  Grey Off-Shoulder Ribbed Knit Top is perfect for your Kendall Jenner’s grey look.


      Black Side-Slit Long Skirt and Grey Off-Shoulder Ribbed Knit Top | Lookbook Store

      Black Side-Slit Long Skirt | Grey Off-Shoulder Ribbed Knit Top


      7. Modern Minimalist

      If either boho, hippie, or gypsy is not your thing, then this modern minimalist frocks is for you. Skip the ruffles and puffs and settle with this plain, usually fitted but not always, off-shoulder dresses. Boutiques and shops are usually crowded with these candid but awesome pieces. With a little experiment, with shoes and accessories, you might be surprised that these simple and plain dresses can turn into something glamorous and chic.


      See how Emma Watson and Taylor Swift riveted the style.


      Emma Watson and Taylor Swift

      Emma Watson in White Off-Shoulder Dress
      Taylor Swift in Black Off-Shoulder Dress


      Steal that look: Wear your sky heels with these White Off-Shoulder Mini Dress and Black Off-Shoulder Bodycon Dress for an insanely glamorous look.


      White Off-Shoulder Mini Dress and Black Off-Shoulder Bodycon Dress | Lookbook Store


      That’s it girls! Are there any other styles you know? Let us know.


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