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5 Costume Ideas That Are Better Than a Sexy Cop

Posted: Oct 22 2015 by Lookbook Store

While there something hot and appealing for a woman in uniform, it gets a little old when you wear the same thing Halloween after Halloween. Besides that, you could end up in a bad case of "Who wore it best?" scenario like many celebrities do.

 Sexy Halloween costumes better than as cops

So before resorting to dressing up as a cop, you might want to consider these five costumes. Who knows? These might just inspired you with something better, hotter, grander or sexier.


  1. Jack O' Lantern Princess

pumpkin princess costume

 pumpkin princess fancy dress


Be the walking light that leads the gang to the best, most sought-after parties on Halloween night. With its bright orange-colored fabric, you can be a welcome sight for those who are looking for the straight and narrow path to fun-filled soirees.


  1. Risqué Red Riding Hood Lost in a Party

little red riding hood costume

 Little Red Riding Hood costume


Dress up like the grown-up version of your favorite childhood fairy tale character, Red Riding Hood, and be sure to spice things up with black mesh tights and high heels. Why? Because you're going to want to tame the big bad wolf with your killer looks.


  1. Dark, Alluring Diva

Big bunny ears fascinator

 Black lace bunny ears fascinator (sold-out)

Get ready for the concert of your life, er, Halloween party by channeling your inner diva. Couple it with an alluring piece, such as this black lace-up knit body suit, and a pair of knee-high stiletto boots, and you can put Beyoncé's and Arianna Grande's convert diva look to shame.


  1. Seductive Scoundrel

Girl with a fake mustache

 Black fake mustache set

Be the badass, gun-toting, gun-slinging chic your date never had in your sexiest Wild Wild West outfit. Then couple that with a fake mustache for a night filled with fun and laughter.


  1. Provocative Phantom of the Opera

Venetian-style crochet mask

Venetian-style crochet mask

Seal your fate as the chic phantom they want to grace their Halloween parties. Complete a black lace dress with this mask for a mysterious, I-want-to-get-to-know-her look. Never mind the eye makeup because all you need is eyeliner, a swipe of mascara and firey red lippies to get that attention-getting look.

There you have them. Five sexy costume ideas to rock Halloween night. Happy trick or treat!

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