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Another 5 Extremely Useful Style Charts to Simplify Your Life (Part 2)

Posted: Oct 06 2015 by Lookbook Store

Style Charts to Simply your Life

While a picture can paint a thousand words, a style chart doesn't need that much. You also don't need that much words to learn the different guides to styling.


So when you're pressed for time, just refer to these style charts to get you going:


  1. Outfit for after-work drinks.



When the girls ask you out for after-work drinks, don't sweat. With this chart, you can turn from a corporate executive to a party chic in seconds.


  1. Six styles for one button-down shirt. 


It's amazing how one simple shirt, such as this blue vertical striped shirt, can create different outfits. The next time you run out of outfit ideas, refer to this chart for your style guide.


  1. The Golden Ratio for a super flattering look.


 Dress length is just as important as size and fit. Whether you're petite or statuesque, this mathematical formula can help you find the right dress proportion for you. You're welcome.

  1. The shoe and skirt-length combo 


Which is which? That's the question us, girls, ask a lot of times when faced with the dilemma of what pair of shoes to go with a mini skirt or a midi skirt. Well, just refer to the chart above and you don't have to spend minutes in front of the mirror trying on different shoes. Simple, right? 

  1. The ultimate guide on what to splurge on



When you're left with the nagging choice of whether to cinch on your pennies or invest your hard-earned moolah, always splurge on items that you'll use long term or will give you support, such a push-up bra or a pair of jeans. Otherwise, you're better off saving your pennies.


When it comes to fashion, there's a thin line between being classy and being tasteless. Thank goodness for guides, we don't have to lose our way to the latter. So, the next time you find yourself treading on dangerous paths towards looking ridiculously frumpy, let these charts be your compass. Not enough? Check out Part 1 here


Happy styling!



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