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5 Extremely Useful Charts to Simplify Your Stylish Life (Part 1)

Posted: Sep 30 2015 by Lookbook Store

5 Style Charts to Simply Your Life

Committing to memory all those fashion rules is anything but a breeze. Not to mention being in the act is stress inducing and mentally exhausting. Plus, the mind can be tricky at times, making you forget things at times when you need them the most.


Fortunately, the birth of infographics has made the lives of many internet-savvy fashion enthusiasts easy-peasy. So if you're one who's always caught red handed committing fashion faux pas, you might want to use infographics to your advantage.


Speaking of which, here's part one of our two-part special about five insanely useful charts that can simplify your stylish lifestyle:


  1. Roll your sleeves the chic way.

 5 Steps to J. Crew Cuffs

 Source: Listotic.com

This tip does wonders anytime. Whenever you need to roll your sleeves when you need to give a hand or you just want to wear your favorite black classic shirt on a balmy weather, simply follow the steps, and you'll look chic in no time.

  1. Re-define the meaning of 'cute.'

8 shopping tips for petite

   Source: Stylecaster.com

It's such a drab whenever you find a dress or a pair of jeans on your favorite online boutique only to realize that the pants hems are too long or the armholes are too big.

But that's not all.

There are more perils than these that petites experience when shopping for women's fashion clothes, but the good news is ladies under 5'4" don't have to suffer through the nightmare every time. With Stylecaster's eight shopping tips for petites, finding the right size or the style will be a breeze.


  1. Mix and match prints like a seasoned pro.

 Easy tips for mixing prints

Yes, it's such a tricky thing to mix and match different kinds of prints that sometimes you just want to abandon the idea and just leave it to the pros. Well, with this cheat sheet, you can throw in your stripe bodycon dress with a leopard-print scarf and a floral blazer, and still look fashionably chic. No need to be on the lookout for the fashion police.


  1. Wear trench like the French.

 How to wear trench coat

  Source: Myclosetinsketches.com

When it comes to fashion, the French doesn't lag far behind. With the likes of Brigitte Bardot, Carla Bruni,  and Garance Doré, Parisian fashion will always be in the limelight. And this chart will help you wear your trench coat like a chic French.

  1. Make your outfit pop with colors.

 Paris Wardrobe color guide

Source: Paris-to-go.com

Create your own "Sistine Chapel" of an outfit by learning how to work with colors. With this chart, color blocking your outfits won't break a sweat. Like learning how to mix and match prints, the right mix of shades and hues can turn dull, boring ensembles to chic, sophisticated ones.


As you can see, charts make styling decisions fast an easy. Gone are the days when you have to jot down style rules verbatim and memorize them by heart. And most importantly, a tap or a click on your smartphone or laptop can give you the style chart you need whenever, wherever.


Stay tuned for Part 2!



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