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5 Fall Shades That Should Color Your Closet

Posted: Sep 17 2015 by Lookbook Store

With autumn officially making its way and Pantone Color Institute  finally announcing the colors that will be all the rage this season, it's time to start filling you closet with fall goodies.


And as you do so, be sure to put these colors in mind because if autumn has a flag, these shades will surely be in it, waving high and proud.


  1. Dried Herb

 Image source: Pinterest.com/pantonecolor

What was once a color used strictly for military or safari is now being elevated to the status of chic and sophistication. It's an earthy color reminiscent of mother nature, redolent herbs and wilting autumn foliage. 


  1. Desert Sage



 Image source: Pinterest.com/pantonecolor

Cool and soothing, it's the perfect neutral color to wear this fall. It's not only cool to the eyes, it's also a timeless color that can pair well with any of your outfits. In fact, it's a constant reminder of all things real and not fabricated so let your true personality with this shade. Additionally, it's a color you can wear all year long.


  1. Cashmere Rose


 Image source: Pinterest.com/pantonecolor

 Gentle and soft, this pink hue can give a rich yet soothing color to your ensemble. And if you're aiming to pull off a '60s-inspired look, this shade is the perfect addition to your psychedelic outfit. Flower power, yah?


  1. Oak Buff


Image source: Pinterest.com/pantonecolor

Just like the feeling of hope the rising sun evokes after a stormy night, so as this golden yellow shade. Oak buff is a sunny color that can bring the feeling of good cheer to a gloomy mood. When you want to brighten a dull, grey day, simply wear this color.


  1. Marsala


Image source: Pinterest.com/pantonecolor


This red-brown hue is not only Pantone's color of the year but also a rich, robust and warm shade that can lend the right contrast to any outfit. Plus, the color can add finesse to your ensemble, whether it's casual or formal, like this burgundy lace-up sweater for instance.


Get in touch with Mother Nature with these earthy tones. By simply adding these to your ensemble, autumn is going to be one heck of a colorful season. Have fun styling!


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