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Visual Punch: How to Wear Sweatshirts to a Fancy Party

Posted: Sep 09 2015 by Lookbook Store

It's a rare feat to find a sweater that's cut for a fancy loft party. Most of the time, they're chunky, unflattering to your curves and generally unsexy when you want to impress a guy or simply want to look gorgeous at a social event.


Well, would you believe us when we say that feeling cozy while looking stunning even in a chunky sweater is possible? You better do because what we're about to show are three simple equations to help you put together stunning outfits for a fall party with a sweater.


Killer Stilettos and Sweats

Take your relaxed, cozy style up a notch by trading your gym shoes with high heels, most particularly the pointed ones with sexy stilts. This will not only give you the extra height you need, but heels can also accentuate your legs, making them appear long and thin. In turn, they'll also make you look slimmer, a flattering contrast to a chunky sweater.

But most importantly, stilettos can draw attention to you, especially from the guys, since, well, men are more drawn to women in heels.


Short and Tight bottoms

Chunky knits can be figure-unflattering at times and may not work to your advantage when all you want is to look pretty and sophisticated without sacrificing warmth.

So to balance out the full coverage of an oversized sweater is to pair it with short or tight bottoms. Better yet, choose something that has the combination of both to pull off a stylish "luxe" yet relaxed look. If the temperature is too low for your legs to do its bidding, let tights or leggings warm them up.


Studs and Iron-On Appliqués

Do you find knits to plain and boring for your eclectic fashion taste? Don't worry. Just let your creative side take the reins and play with different appliqués and studs. Embellish your sweaters to give them a quirky touch that can suit your different moods.

With the sweater weather back in full force, it's helpful to have a trick or two up your sleeves about how to look glamorous even if you're all covered up. And with these tips, looking stunning and party-ready even in a sweater or sweatshirt is easy.


Have cozy yet stylish season!



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