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5 Smart Ways to Transition Your Summer Wardrobe to Autumn

Posted: Aug 28 2015 by Lookbook Store


Chunky knits, gorgeous coats, cozy frocks, sexy boots -- these are just some of the things we look forward to fall. They're not only warm but they also make up for stylish ensembles. Indeed, the cool months bring about lots of adorable outfits that are only exclusive for the cold months.

But of course, it doesn't mean you're excited to put away your summer clothes. While many of you are ecstatic to layer up with clothes, we're sure a lot of you are sad to stash away your favorite floral tops and miniskirts.

Well, the good news is this coming fall is not good bye. At least not yet because we've got another list of tips to help you transition your summer wardrobe to fall.


  1. Mix Summer Shades with Fall Colors

Bright and vivid colors, like yellow, pink and neon, are reminiscent of spring and summer but it doesn't mean they're exclusive for the sunny months. As long as you pair them with fall shades, such as brown, mustard or grey, you're set for a stylish autumn.


  1. Give Your Sandals a Rest

Because sandals, especially the strappy kind, are only best worn in the summer, you can trade them in for a pair of booties to go with your sundresses, maxi frocks and midi skirts. Not only will they keep your feet cozy, they'll also add a funky boho factor to your outfit.


  1. Pair Crop Tops with Maxi Skirts

Can't let go of your crop tank tops and cropped tees just yet? Pair them with maxi skirts, especially the high-waisted kind. They can shield your bare legs from the chilly air as well as give you enough reasons to wear your favorite belly-baring tees until the temperature drops lower.


  1. Layer Light Pieces with Cozy Outerwear

It's simply one of the best ways to still rock your light, summer-y clothes. Just play around with different coats, cardigans, sweaters, and jackets to come up with the style you want befitting your mood.


  1. Wear Tights, Leggings or Skinnies on Bare Legs

beige openwork knit tunic sweater

Don't say good bye to your miniskirts and shorts just yet. As long as you have skin-tight trousers within reach, you can still strut your stuff in your cutoffs and bodycon miniskirts while keeping your stems warm and cozy.


And that's about it. With this nifty list, you don't have to say good bye to your summer clothes just yet. Have fun styling!



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