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Curvy-licious: 4 Tips on How to Wear Crop Tops for Curvy Women

Posted: Aug 19 2015 by Lookbook Store

Crop tops aren’t just for summer, and they’re certainly not just for skinny women.


That’s right. Belly-baring blouses aren’t exclusive to women with svelte figures. They’re for everyone so go ahead and don them whenever you want. And to help you get all dolled up with class and elegance, here are some tips you could use:


1. Flirt with your shoulders

    Off-shoulders are all the rage these days, so it doesn’t hurt to go with the flow. If you’re feeling a little too conscious about showing some skin, a crop top with long cold shoulder sleeves can do the trick.

    White eyelash lace trip crop top


    2. Play with crop top co-ord sets

      Go for two-piece sets with fun but not too bright colors for an eye-catching look. You’ll find that two-piece sets are not only easy to style but can also draw attention to your clothes instead of to your shape.

      Multi-colored knit skirt co-ord skirt


      3. Wear a long coat or cardigan

        If showing too much skin is not your kind of game, then a longline coat or jacket can provide enough coverage while you rock out in a crop top. Plus, the lengthy silhouette can add an illusion of height to your shapely figure.

        Black chiffon sleeve duster coat


        4. Go for a tailored fit.

          Although they’re designed to show off your mid-section, wearing crop tops doesn’t necessarily have to mean exposing your midriff all the time. By choosing pieces with a tailored fit, a crop top can put your curves in a flattering light.

           grey shorts co-ord set


          With these tips presented, you’re now ready to rock crop tops with new found confidence. Have fun styling!


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