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How to Style Matching Two-Piece Outfits with Class

Posted: Aug 05 2015 by Lookbook Store

Remember back when your mom used to dress you up in matching outfits? Well, who would've thought that the trend is now back and is making a huge splash in the fashion world in a major way. More than that, they're not just exclusive for kids.

So to join in the band wagon of dressing up with co-ordinating pieces, here are some tips you could use to make sure you look classy and feminine:


Avoid Exaggeration

 white lace two piece dress

Most coordinating sets are already bold and eye-catching as they are, so when you find yourself dressing in one always keep your accessories at a minimum. Otherwise, the prints, colors or patterns can clash with them, making your ensemble too busy to look at.


Keep Colors in Check

petal prints skirt co-ord set

Colors play a role in helping you create a flattering look, so it's always wise to wear those that flatter your skin. If you're unsure about which color suits you best, consider taking this What's Your Skin Tone? quiz.

Also, avoid wearing matching sets with colors that are too shocking. You'd want to turn admiring glances your way not away from you because the color in your co-ord set is too hurtful to the eyes. Imagine wearing a skirt set in neon green. Ouch! So make sure to choose two-piece sets in cool, soothing colors.


Keep the Gap at a Minimum

porcelain print shorts co-ord set

Although co-ordinating sets seem like the perfect throw-it-on-and-go solution, one fashion faux pax can turn your outfit from fab to frump. To avoid looking shoddy, keep gap between the skirt or shorts and crop top narrow.


Choose the Right Fit

What good is a porcelain print shorts set if it's ill-fitted? That's right, nothing. So when shopping for matching outfits, always refer to the sizing chart to make sure you get the right one.


Hide the Belly

off shoulder two piece shorts set

If you have the abs to show off, then go ahead and don that belly-baring crop top and its matching pants or shorts. If not, stick to co-ord sets that aren't cropped. Otherwise, it'll draw unwanted attention to your mid-section.


With these tips in mind, you'll find that styling matching sets effortlessly is but a breeze. Have fun looking matchy-matchy.




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