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3 Ways on How Frills Can Work to Your Advantage

Posted: Jul 29 2015 by Lookbook Store

If you think that frills are just for a romper or a dress to look extra dainty, then such a style embellishment is a wasted commodity. You see, frills can do more than just add some girlishness to your outfit. They can be a style arsenal that can work to your advantage.

How? Read on and find out.


Create Some Curves   

For women who are lacking in the curve section, frilly skirts can do the trick of adding just that. With just the right amount of ruffles on a skirt or a dress, you can create the illusion of curves you feel you lack. And when you want to cinch your waist further, just add a thin belt. It's that simple. It's how frills can help you.


Look Busty


white off shoulder dress


floral cold shoulder layered blouse

While there are some pros and cons to having small boobs, some like it to be well-endowed. Fortunately, one doesn't have to go under the knife just to have big racks like Kate Upton or Scarlet Johansson. As you can guess, frills can do the trick. A top or romper with a falbala at the bustline can create an illusion of being large-chested even if you're not.


Hide the Bulge

As we've already established, frills are more than just silly decorations. They can help hide bulges that you don't want exposed, and make you look voluptuous in the process. For instance, if you're a bit thicker from the mid down and you're feeling conscious about it, a dress, a top, a romper or a skirt with a bit ruffling can create the illusion of curvy hips and slim upper body.


So you see, apart from looking extra feminine with ruffles, they can work to your advantage. That being said, the next time you want to look well-endowed or curvy, consider dressing with frills first.


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