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5 Style Equations to Use When Styling with Kimonos

Posted: Jul 23 2015 by Lookbook Store

There's been recent buzz going on online about cats wearing kimonos, and we mean the real, traditional one worn in Japan, and they look absolutely Ah-DORABLE.  

Cute cat in a traditional Japanese kimono

Image via Museperk

Of course, this got us thinking. We can look adorable in kimonos too, though not in the traditional Japanese garment, but with the modern outfit topper you see at many fashion boutiques, including ours.

That being said, here are some style equations you can use to meet your life+style needs.


  1. Kimono + Bikini = Beach Babe Cutie  

When the beach waves are calling, who can resist? Flaunt your bod in your sexiest pair of bikini, such as a floral bandeau bikini set, and throw on a show-stopping kimono.


  1. Kimono + Crop Top = Road Trip Hottie 

It's been reported that gas prices remain at a steady travel-tempting low. So if you and the gang are planning to hit the road, don't just include road trip destinations in your plans but also some stylish crop tops, cutoffs and kimonos. The beauty about this idea is that whether you'll be gone for a weekend or a week, you'll have pieces to mix and match to create different outfits everyday. 


  1. Kimono + Romper = Bohemian Babe 

When you can't get enough of boho styling, you'll find kimonos to be very versatile pieces. They can be mixed and matched with different rompers so you can create different boho styles.


  1. Kimono + Cutoffs and Tee = Casual Chic

If you just woke up and your BFF picked you up to take you somewhere, then there's need to worry about looking frumpy.  Just put on your trusty ol' jeans or shorts, a shirt and a stylish kimono. Then polish your look with some sunnies, and maybe a hat to hide your frizzy hair, and you're good to go.


  1. Kimono + Heels and Stripes = Sleek Mademoiselle 

Although kimonos tend to look casual and laidback, they can still turn heads. Just top it over a striped dress or romper, some heels, and you're ready to impress a client, a date or that hottie stranger who's a regular at your favorite coffee shop.


So you see? Whether you're a boho chic, a surfer babe, or a geek chic, there's always a kimono that can rock your style -- just like the furry cats rock theirs.


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    Lovely selection!


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