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5 Leg Exercises That Can Have You Rock Your Summer Shorts with Pride

Posted: Jun 25 2015 by Lookbook Store

Summer is synonymous to shorts. And you can't nail those shorts perfectly without having a pair of well-toned legs and a perky tush.

So if you haven't started working on getting your stems shorts-ready, it's time to bring out your leggings or workout shorts and let's start sweating.

Here are top five exercise routines that can shape up your legs and enhance your derrière for a sexy, curvy back.

  1. Side Leg circles


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For flat buttocks that need some perking up, simply lie on your side with your head resting on one hand. Raise one foot several inches upward and make forward circles from the hip for about eight to ten times before lowering the leg. Do this for three times before repeating it on the other side. Nothing looks better in a pair of shorts than a well-toned, perky tush.


  1. Glute Kickbacks

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For a tight tush that'll look hot in a pair of lace shorts, then do at least 25 pulses of kickbacks before switching to the other leg. Simply pull your leg straight forward to the back or bend it upward, whichever you prefer, then lower it to rest. Repeat the action several times before making the switch. If you want to add strength to your core, use an exercise band.


  1. High knees

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Strength training combined with cardio exercises is sure to tone your upper legs in time for your next tropical getaway. So if you want team a pair of denim cutoffs with well-toned legs like you've been jogging for most of your life, add high knees in your routine.

Perform this routine for two minutes, lifting your knees alternately as high as you can, and repeat for five times.


  1. Standing Calf Raises

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This exercise is one of the activities you can do even when you're prepping in the morning. Plus, you don't need any special equipment for this.

Simply stand on your feet with soles firmly on the ground then slowly raise your heels high placing the weight on your toes. This type of routine will not only strengthen the muscles in the lower thigh bone but will also define your lower legs, improving the way they look.


  1. Forward Lunges

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If you want your hips to be more flexible even when wearing shorts for that yoga selfies you've been dying to make on top of a cliff or on a field of tulips, then lunges are for you. Doing forward lunges will not only strengthen your legs and your derrière but will also firm up, shape and tone them. So work those glutes of yours even while you're on the phone.


There have them, the five exercises that'll tone your legs and buttocks ready to rock those sexy shorts this summer. 

Speaking of which, here are some great tips on how to style your summer shorts with elegance and class.



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P.S. Before you do these workout routines, be sure to consult your doctor to prevent any exercise-related injuries.


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