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Sweat a Lot? Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Cool This Summer

Posted: Jun 09 2015 by Lookbook Store

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If you're hot, and we mean someone who's constantly sweating, then you're probably one of the many women out there who see summer as more of a curse than a blessing.

Thankfully, we're about to change that because we've got tips to help keep your cool all summer long. By simply choosing the right kind of clothes to wear, you can say bye-bye to pit stains and embarrassing wetness for good.


  1. Avoid dark colors, even grey.

Black, blue, red and other dark colors tend to absorb heat faster than you can say sweat. So avoid it as much as you can. As for grey, well, it's best to avoid it for aesthetic reasons. You see, moisture is more obvious the instant it appears on a grey top, so you might want to avoid it until the weather cools down.

However, if you must, wear clothes that are made of light fabric, such as linen or cotton. Mesh ones are also ideal as they tend to be breezy.


  1. Say no to white tops for a while.

The reason behind this is, again, for aesthetic purposes. While it's cute to be donning a really flattering open-back lace romper when you're out with the gang, it isn't so when yellowish pit stains are showing before the day ends.

So unless you use a super-dry deodorant or underarm sweat pads, donning white tank tops and blouses may not be the best idea for you, especially when the sun is at its peak.


  1. Keep it loose.

The looser it is, the better. Because that will mean no sweat stains and embarrassing moisture appearing on clothes.

Peasant blouses are ideal for you as many of them are made of very light, breathable fabric. Plus, they're loose silhouette make sweating profusely less obvious.


  1. Keep it a minimum.

Clothes with embellishments, such as sequins or rhinestone ornaments, tend to weight the fabric down, trapping body heat. Likewise, keep your accessories at a minimum. Chunky necklaces can trap your top against your chest, which can heat up the body quickly.

So when you need to add bling to your ensemble, keep it light. A pair of earrings is fine as long as it doesn't stick to your skin.


  1. Go unlined for a while.

Apart from forming another layer to your clothing, most linings are made of synthetic fabric. Which means they're not breathable to the skin.  And walking around in your own sartorial sauna is just not a fun way to enjoy summer.

So when choosing a dress, a blazer, a romper or top, opt for those with no lining.


And that's about it. We know summer is going to get hot, hot hot, but don't let that stop you from looking gorgeously hot -- minus the sweat, that is.


So what about you? Got more tips to stay cool and dry despite the heat? Please share them below. We'd love to hear them.



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