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How to Rock Hair Extensions Like a Pro

Posted: May 25 2015 by Lookbook Store


Want to play around with different hair lengths but aren't sure if using hair extensions is the right way to go?

Don't fret.

It may seem intimidating for first timers but attaching clip-on hair extensions is pretty easy. And we've got some expert tips to share to you on how to use them like a pro.

Tip 1: For a more natural-looking mane, always go for hair extensions made out from real human hair in a shade that's closer to your hair color. If you want little highlights added to your mane, then choose a shade lighter or darker than your real tress.


Tip 2: While clip-in extensions are the easiest way to go when you need instant hair volume and length, they can be tricky to use when you want them to stay in place for a long period of time. One way to make sure they don't slide down is to tease your real tress at the roots to roughen up the texture before clipping the faux strands on. Teasing your hair can give it volume as well as coverage so that the clips won't show.


Tip 3: Part your tress in three horizontal lines, starting from the base and work your way up. Clip or tie the rest of sectioned hair while you work with one section. Spritz it with a hair spray to add grip to your hair before clipping the hair extensions.  Then repeat the same process as you work your hair up.

When clipping them, make sure they're placed closer to the root. If you have fine hair, tease a portion of your hair just above and below where the clips will be placed so they don't peek through as well as provide extra hold.


Tip 4: If you want to style your mane in to a bun, clip the extensions upside down so they're easy grab and hold without the clips bulging out. Plus, it'll make sure that the hair go to the right direction.


Tip 5: To create a beach-y texture to your crowning glory, spritz on some thickening hair spray on the surface. Then let your hand run through it to mix the faux strands with your real ones. For curly hair, use a flat iron or a curling iron.  While curling, be sure to mix some faux strands with your real mane so they blend well.


Now that you have these tips, getting long, gorgeous hair in an instant is now possible. So to look and feel good before stepping out that door, complete your ensemble with salon-gorgeous tresses.



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