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Sizzling Hot: Top 5 Summer Trends to Watch Out For

Posted: May 22 2015 by Lookbook Store

With tropical island holidays and weekend getaways all lined up on our summer bucket lists, we're pretty sure a lot of us are praying for the warm season to hurry up.

So while you're waiting, here's what to expect in the style scene next season. After all, being in the latest fashion styles is just as important as getting a sun-kissed glow for a lot of us fashionistas. It's just part of the summer package.


Hippie Delight

floral chiffon maxi dress | off-shoulder maxi co-ord set | apricot off shoulder maxi dress

Glow with all your sun-kissed and hippie glory with soft, billowy floral maxi dresses. Popular in the '70s, maxi dresses are back with a bang. This time, it's all about vibrant colors and luxurious Bohemian designs.


Jumpsuit Jazz

 wide-leg halter jumpsuit | white lace strapless jumpsuit | black sleeveless jumpsuit

What used to be synonymous to mechanics and jet fighter pilots are now set to be uniforms for the fashion-forward corporate junkies and the sophisticated in the summer. Just complement jumpsuits with statement-making accessories, chic shoes and classy belts, and you're all set to making summer the season of utilitarian hot couture.


Lovely Lace 

white lace two piece dress | floral maxi lace dress | apricot crochet shift dress

This summer, expect to roam the streets filled with fashion folks dressed in their own version of ethereal goddesses with the help of sheer, delicate lace fabrics. Indeed, lace lets you unveil your sun-kissed glow in a classy and sophisticated way.


Hot Cou-tulle 

 nude layered mesh skirt | black tulle midi skirt | white layered mesh skirt

Whether you're still hung up on Natalie Portman's Dark Swan movie or you just want to channel your inner ballerina, then long tulle skirts are the way to go. For a sassy or edgy look, here are nifty tips on how to wear tulle skirts you'll want to check out.


Frilly Fringe

 fringe halter crop top | two piece black fringe dress | knotted corded fringe kimono


Dance to the tune of a Bohemian rhapsody with fringes and tassels. Dressing up in clothes with such styles can definitely make your summer more scintillating.


Summer is just around the corner, so get ready to welcome it with a wardrobe filled with the hottest trends.



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