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Straight From the Heart: A Special Mother's Day Message From LBS Staff

Posted: May 10 2015 by Lookbook Store

Lookbook Store's growing success won't be made possible without the loyalty, dedication, hard work and creativity of each of our staff.

And we know very well that such talent and character can all be attributed to their mothers who taught them well.

So this year, we want to do something different.

Apart from our special message to all the moms out there, we're giving this blog space for our staff members to give a special shout-out to their moms.

Here goes...

"Dear Mamang, everything I am is because of you. At every turn, you push me to be better. You teach me to be true to myself and to the ones I love. I may not say this often, but my love for you goes beyond what I can say. Happy Mamang's Day!" - Sincerely, Vanessa C.

"Thanks for being there! I love you, mum!" - Rita Z.

"Dear Mom, thank you for being my guardian angel. I promise to take care of our family the way you did when you were still here. I love you and I miss you everyday. Happy Mother's Day!" - Love, Thea M.

"Words cannot express how deeply grateful I am for everything you taught me and more. I can only go home and send you my hugs and kisses."  - Freja Y.

"Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful, selfless, strong, kind and irreplaceable moms in our lives. We don't know what we would do without you. " - Lots of love, Kezia F. 

"Thank you for everything over the years, mommy." - Belly C.

"Dear Mom, you were always there for me whenever I needed someone and to that I am grateful enough. Thank you for the cherished memories, Mom!" - Yours truly, Arvidas C.

"You are the best mom that a daughter can ever have. I love you." - Kari L.

"Hey Mom, first things first, I want to say thank you for loving me despite my tendency of being a hard headed. Thank you so much for bearing all the pain of childbirth, and the pain I've caused you, because you know, I'm such a stubborn person. The second thing I want to say is I love you, and that will never change. Happy Mother's Day!" - Your ever beautiful and stubborn daughter, Mae P. 

"Wish you all the best, mom. Happy Mother's Day." - Joey M.

"Dear Mom, thank you for being there for me. You'll always be my strength and your sadness will be my weakness. I will do nothing to hurt you but forgive me sometimes if I do. (kiss) I love you, Ma." - Barbara T.

"You've sown a seed and nurtured it for more than twenty years, and you're proud of a harvest even it lasts one second." - Louise Y.

"Ma, thank you so much for everything you've done for us. Now that I'm a mother, I truly realize all the sacrifices you made for us. Happy Mother's Day" - from your favorite child, Stephanie S.

"I grew up with a mother who taught me to believe in myself. Love you, mom! Happy Mother's Day! " - Crescel A.

"Dear Ma, you've taught me a lot of things growing up, and I'll never forget them. I promise to do my best to be a blessing to others just as you were to the family and to the people around you. I love you forever, mom. There isn't a day that I don't miss you. Happy Mother's Day. " - your only daughter, Dara Y.


Aw... aren't the sweet?

Well for this special day, there's nothing left to say except the world is a better place to live because of mothers.

Keep nurturing, dear moms. Happy Mother's Day!


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