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How to Look Hot at the Boardroom: 6 Wardrobe Essentials for Professional Women

Posted: Apr 30 2015 by Lookbook Store

Dressing appropriately in the business world is important. Not only do you have to look smart and respectable, but you also want to look stylish. After all, you want to be seen as someone who's got  the brains to be in the position you're holding and also someone who's open to trends.  

For busy gals, mixing and matching  outfits for work makes organizing your office desk and perfecting that is as easy as pie. Difficult? I know.

But that can be made easy, and your morning rush hour less complicated, if you have a wardrobe filled with easy-to-style essentials.

If  you have a closet filled with such staples, you can look both classy and smart for the boardroom without the hassle. Here, check out the stuff that should be in your closet.


1. Plain Blouses

    A simple blouse or a button-down shirt can be paired with almost anything. Plus, it can look professional and clean. So pack up with a lot and you won't run out of outfit ideas to go with them.

    Ruched chiffon sleeveless blousePink button down sleeveless shirtKeyhole polka dot blouseWhite poplin shirt


    2. Crisp Blazers

      You'll never go wrong with the classic blazer. Ever.

      And it can work well with anything, whether they're skirts, pants or shorts.


       Fly chiffon cardigan army green | Draped open front cardigan | Apricot checkout oversized blazer | Grey asymmetric fit and flare blazer | Navy sleeves tab draped lapel blazer


      3. Trendy Bags and Purses

        An office wear is never complete without a stylish purse or bag. And since they can act as a fashion accessory, it's best to choose those that are fashionable.

        If there's one thing that should be stylish or modern in your outfit, it should be the bag.


        4. Stunning Skirts

          Skirts, especially pencil skirts, are a must when it comes to  power dressing, as they give a feminine touch to the ensemble while keeping your look professional.

          Black chiffon short skirt | Black lace pencil skirt


          5. Life-Saving Dresses

            Ain't  got time for mixing and matching skirts and tops? Throw on a stylish frock and you're ready to go. The best part is you have extra minutes to do your hair and makeup

             Sleeveless ruffled sheath dress | Lady Boss | Asymmetrical wrap style dress


            6. Elegant Accessories

              Accessories are your friends when you  want to  add a pop of 'oomph' to your outfit. Give a touch of femininity to your ensemble by donning  these sweet jewelry pieces.


              Keeping your look stylish in the corporate world can be a tedious thing to do, especially when you have a lot of things on your plate. But the good thing is you don't have to sacrifice style because by having these staples, you can look fashionable while keeping things professional.


              Happy styling!



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