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How to Rock the Style Scene With The Originals' Freya Mikaelson's Look

Posted: Apr 24 2015 by Lookbook Store

Big fan of Freya Mikaelson's style on The Originals? So are we.
She's not only a powerful witch enough to become a force to be reckoned with.

But also, she knows how to kick butt (mostly her big bad Aunt Dahlia's) in true Mikaelson fashion. 


Yup. Since her first appearance in the hit American television series, we've been keeping tabs of her styles.
And girl, we weren't disappointed.



She has this edgy,  don't-mess-with-me  fashion sense with a touch of chic. And who doesn't love that?
We sure do.
So if you like here style, here are some tips to help you put together a classic, bad girl-ish Freya Mikaelson look.

1. Edgy outerwear

    An edgy look is never complete without a jacket, not to mention those with spiked studs, such as this green studded shoulder denim blazer.

     (click the image to shop)

    2. Soft Wavy Hair

    Softening an edgy look is all about creating waves in your overall silhouette. And one of the best ways to do that is to curl your hair into loose waves. Here's a hairstyle tutorial you might want to check out.

    3. Unique Accessories

      A ready-to-kick-butt or I'm-here-flirt look is just never complete without cool and unique accessories.

      4. Comfy bottoms

       Because she's on the run from her big bad witch of an aunt, she has to watch her back constantly. She needs to be ready to defend herself at all times so being in jeans and pants (and not just in ordinary looking ones) is simply the smartest way to go.

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      There you have the 4 things you need to pull off a Freya Mikaelson look. 
      Happy styling!
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