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3 Lazy Hairstyles that Go with These Gorgeous Hair Accessories

Posted: Apr 15 2015 by Lookbook Store

They say, "There are no ugly women. Only lazy ones." Well, we beg to disagree.

You see, it's not everyday that we're feeling great and energetic enough to get up early to make ourselves pretty. A lot of us here, for one, are guilty of it.

There are times when you just want to laze in your bed for a couple more minutes or hours when you want more snooze time, when your PMS-ing or when you're just feeling like it. 

Fortunately, you don't have to walk out the door looking like a hot mess because even if you skip the shower just so you can rush to school or work, you can still look like well put-together with these lazy hairstyles.

What's more? You can glam up by adding these gorgeous hair accessories.


  1. The Easy Twist Bun


 Via alittlesliceof.blogspot.com

By simple twisting your pigtails and tying them into one big bun, you get instant messy-looking hair bun. And by simply adding these butterfly hair clips, you get a charming bohemian look in a jiffy.


Butterfly hair clip


  1. Hair-Tie-Less Messy Bun

Via alldaychic.com

Don't have time to look for your hair tie? Then all you need are bobby pins to make a bun in minutes. And with that, you can add oomph to it with a classy headband.

Pearls and leaves headband

  1. Easy-Peasy 5-Minute Curls

Via floridiansocial.com

Want instant curls? No problem because you can with this tutorial. And if you're going to a music festival or want to pull off boho look just for the heck of it, complete your ensemble with this gold circle headpiece.

 Gold circle boho headpiece

And there you have them, lovelies. So the next time you're feeling lazy or you need to look chic in a snap, use this guide. 


Have a fun week!



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