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How to Look Comfortably Stylish at the Airport

Posted: Mar 30 2015 by Lookbook Store

By show of hands, who among you here are guilty of wearing your PJs to the airport? I'm sure a lot of us would raise our hands.

Being comfortable is an important factor when traveling. But a pair of pajamas just wouldn't do anymore.

Why? The reason is pretty simple.

In today's fashionable world, there are a lot of stylish clothes that are comfortable enough to be worn even if you're about to take a 20-hour connecting flight to Ibiza or Morocco.

Yup. Looking frumpy in today's fashionable world is no longer an excuse. So, here are some style tips you can use to look hot while traveling.


Stylish Outwear

Models are wearing slouchy army green coat and draped open front cardigan.

Choosing the right  coat or jacket for your trip should depend on the place you’re going to. If you're heading to a place where it's still cold this time around, like Dorset, then a draped cardigan can keep you looking well put together even if you're donning a  plain tee and a pair of distressed jeans.


 Cozy Knits

Models are wearing camel cowl neck sweater and fringe hem knit cape.

If you're heading to a tropical country but are still hesitant to leave your jacket at home, then a cozy knitted cape or sweater can put your doubts to rest.



Models are wearing zip front skinny pants, green printed jumpsuit and black faux leather leggings.

For a pleasant experience, it helps to wear pants or any bottom wear that can let you stretch your legs with ease. Avoid  wearing tight-fitting jeans that doesn't stretch because they can be constricting during the long flight.



 Models are sporting black faux snakeskin tote and carryall faux leather tote.

Your luggage can be as stylish as your outfit. Apart from bags, scarves are  also a must-have too since you can use them as a blanket or an eye patch for better snooze time.


With these ideas,  feeling and looking fabulous on route to your destination is now possible. Have a safe (and stylish) flight ahead!



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