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Smart Tricks on How to Make Your Spring Workwear Unboring

Posted: Mar 24 2015 by Lookbook Store

When it comes to dressing for work, common norm dictates that the style should be decent and presentable. Sadly, it's often seen as something either formal or boring.  Or both.

    Well, it's time to break that norm because here are tricks you can use to add fun and charm to your corporate wear.


    1. Add a dash of rainbow brights 

    While wearing neutral shades, such as grey, black or beige, seems like a pretty safe bet, it can leave you stuck in a sartorial rut in no time, which can be pretty hard to let go. Next thing you know, your closet is filled with such colors, leaving no room for something fun and exciting.

    The good  thing is you can spice things up a bit by adding bright colors in to the mix. According to Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director at Pantone Color Institute, soft and cool hues will be the rage this season, which can help create a soothing escape for those who have a tight daily schedule.

     So go ahead and shop colors. Don't be afraid to fill your closet with colorful pieces as they'll add a nice pop to your boring neutrals.


    1. Mix them with prints.

    Leopard prints, polka dots, floral prints, abstract patterns -- these are what you need to add zing to your office look. In most cases, they also work great with neutral colors.


    1. Make a statement with accessories. 

    Other than wearing your trusty ol' company ID, consider accessorizing your outfit to make a style statement . A pair of sunnies, a chunky necklace, a stylish bag -- these are pieces that can turn your office wear from drab to fab. And it only takes a minute to do so.


    1. Stay warm with a fancy outerwear 

    There's no point of dressing stylishly if it's going to be covered with a frumpy coat or jacket. So you might as well invest in a stylish outerwear so you can stay warm all day long fashionably.


    1. Spice up with artistic cuts

    Jazz up your look by incorporating pieces that have artistic cuts in your ensemble. This will give your corporate outfit an edgy, modern touch. Plus, such pieces can help stave off  years from your look, if you catch our drift.


    Office outfits don't have to be stiff, boring or formal. Consider these tips and they'll be looking at someone who's got style, class and the brain to rock the corporate world.



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