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Insta-Great News! Shop With Us on Instagram with Like2Buy

Posted: Mar 12 2015 by Lookbook Store

That thrill of finally finding that elusive crochet top on Instagram only to be crushed because you don't know where or how to buy it? Yup. We're all familiar with that.

It's so soul wrenching that you just want to drown yourself with a tub of vanilla ice cream and watch Gossip Girl reruns.

Well, that sartorial frustration ends today as we're making a huge Insta-game changer by adopting  a new online technology, Like2Buy, allowing you to shop all the gorgeous finds you see on our Instagram in an instant.

With this new collaboration, browsing and shopping can be done simultaneously. Plus, it'll give shopping a fun new experience.

How to Shop on Instagram

Before then, buying stuff found on Instagram can be a grueling experience. But not anymore because getting what you want is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

Step 1: Click on the #Like2Buy link in the LookbookStore Instagram profile
Step 2: Go to the “My Likes” tab to view all your liked photos and click the items you’d like to shop
Step 3: You’ll be directed to the page with the featured product! Happy shopping!

It's as simple as that. Gone are the days when you have to switch back and forth from our website to Instagram because getting that much coveted tank top or cutoffs is just a click away.

And that's it. Shopping at Lookbook Store through Instagram is now made fun, easy and convenient. So what are you waiting for? Follow us on Lookbook Store on Instagram today. See you there!


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