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Top 5 Romantic Movie Proposals Ever

Posted: Feb 19 2015 by Lookbook Store

If you've been reading the latest celebrity news, then you've probably just read that eccentric and fashion-forward pop singer Lady Gaga just got engaged to hottie Taylor Kinney. If you've seen the movie The Other Woman, then you can say Lady Gaga is one lucky gal.

Anyway, with the love month still on and celebrities getting engaged or getting hitched this year, we thought we'd share to you the top 5 most romantic movie proposals the world has ever seen. And not to mention, enough to melt our hearts in the process.


  • Jamie & Aurelia in Love Actually


Source: Tumblr

Love is so strong that it can move mountains, or for Jamie and Aurelia, can break language barriers. After watching the movie a dozen of times, it never fails to make us teary eyed (in a good way) that both of them learned a foreign language for the sake of their love for each other.  Learning Portuguese (or any other language) just to make a marriage proposal definitely earns an A+ in our love book.


  • Robbie & Julia in The Wedding Singer



Nothing is sweeter and more swoon-worthy than being serenaded by the man of your dreams above 10,000 feet in the air like in the case of Julia, when she and her loser fiancé were en route to Las Vegas to tie the knot. The song has remained a favorite since and has won major romantic points on our book.

  • Andrew & Margaret in The Proposal



Okay. While the proposal in this move seemed unusual in the beginning, what with the fake romance and wedding and all just so Margaret can get a US green card and all, we love how Andrew manned up to his feelings in the last part and confessed his love for Margaret by saying, "Marry me…because I’d like to date you.” Aw... Now, that's sweet.


  • Landon and Jamie in A Walk to Remember


If you haven't seen it, AWTR is a heart-wrenching teen drama that reminds us of teenage love and all its glory. This sweet proposal is definitely enough to melt your heart.


  • Declan and Anna in the Leap Year


What would do you if you get proposed on a cliff with a breathtaking view by a hunk with a sexy voice? Well, if you ask Anna, she said 'yes' to the guy she unexpectedly fell in love with in Leap Year. This inspiring proposal is so sweet it can tug at your heartstrings.

Sigh. With such romantic proposals, we can't help but feel in love. Of course, these are just from the movies, so if you've got some videos of real-life romantic proposals, please share them with us at the comment section below.


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  • Posted by Mae Fatima on February 19, 2015

    I love The Proposal! Margaret and ANDREW! <3 <3 <3

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