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Outfit Inspirations for Your Valentine's Date

Posted: Feb 12 2015 by Lookbook Store

With February 14th  just around the corner, we bet you're as excited with your plans as we are with ours. Well, whatever you have in mind to do with your lovey-dovey or with your BFFs, we're sure it's going to be a blast.


With that in mind, we thought we'd share to you 5 outfit inspirations that can keep you looking gorgeous regardless of what you're going to do on Valentine's Day.


Picnic at a Park

For obvious reasons, you'll want to be as comfortable as possible. But you don't want to look too casual as well. This yellow chiffon cami dress is a bright and cheerful piece that's perfect for the date. Add in a denim jacket or cardigan and you'll be cozy with your sweetheart.


Movie Date

With exciting movies coming out this weekend, like one of the most controversial yet highly anticipated film, Fifty Shades of Grey, it's no surprise if you and your SO are planning on a dinner-and-movie date. In this case, we've come up with a pants-and-top combo so you can be as comfy as you can but still look fetching.


Night Out with the Girl BFFs 

No date on Valentine's Day? Don't fret. Just holler up your best girl friends and head to the hottest clubs in town. Who knows? You just might meet a hottie who'll buy you a drink. And with that, here's an ensemble we thought you'll love.


Fancy Dinner Date

If your man is taking you out to dinner at a fancy restaurant, then this might just do you good. Nothing beats a classic little black dress when it comes to looking elegant for the occasion. Spice it up a bit by wearing a luscious pair of red lips and your most seductive perfume scent.


Weekend Getaway

Will your boo be whisking you away for a weekend out of town? This kind of outfit will keep you feeling comfy and looking gorgeous the whole time.


And those are it, ladies. Happy Hearts Day!



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