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Different Ways to Spend Valentine's Date with Your SO

Posted: Feb 11 2015 by Lookbook Store

Candle-light dinner and movie or dance afterwards are so cliché. Sure, they sound romantic and seem like a great date idea to do on Valentine's Day. But that's probably what other millions of people will be doing too. The only difference between that and your usual dates is the amount of money you'll be shelling out.  

So why not make this V-Day date different from the last? Here are five of the most common traditional routes lovers take and some fun and unique alternatives you can turn to.


Instead of ...


A bouquet of roses

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  • Make roses out of paper. Here's an interesting tutorial you can check out. Then, to make the gesture more romantic, write a love message on each one.
  • Another idea is to ditch the usual roses. There are hundreds of flowers out there. In fact, why don't you get her a bunch that best describes her? That's more romantic than dozens of long-stemmed roses.


An Out-of-Town Weekend Getaway

 Image courtesy by Noppasinw at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

  • Spend an afternoon at a zoo, museum or a tourist attraction with a disposable camera and take lots of cheesy or goofy pictures of each other.
  • Make a scrap book with pictures of places you want to visit with your significant other. Then spend a night planning about your big getaway.


Dinner at a fancy restaurant



  • Cook a meal you haven't eaten or tried together. Nothing is more interesting and exciting than not knowing what the outcome will be. Nonetheless, you get to experience something new.
  • Hold a picnic on top of a building or by a beach at sunset. This will give you the privacy you need.


A music playlist


  • Serenade your special someone at the office, at school or at home.
  • Send a singing telegram.
  • Compose a song and upload it on YouTube or SoundCloud for all the world to hear.

A love card


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  • Make a cheesy card using an arsenal of crayons, pieces of art paper and a whole lot of creativity.
  • Stuff little notes using Post-Its in areas where they can be found easily.
  • Make a storybook about you two and where you want your relationship to go. (This is great if you're planning to propose).


With these ideas, we hope that you'll be able to plan a special time with the love of your life this Valentine's Day. And if you've already thought of something unique, care to share? We'd love to hear about your plans.



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