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Top 6 Looks That Men Really Love

Posted: Feb 06 2015 by Lookbook Store

It's a known fact that men are visual creatures. That doesn't mean, however, that they'll fall in love with you the instant they see you sporting a super expensive brand or the latest clothing trend. They just don't pay attention to such trivial matters.

But, they do pay attention to how fabulous you are. So if you want to catch a guy's attention, use your strongest arsenal: your looks.

Here are some fresh ideas on what you can do to make yourself eye-candy to the man of your dreams:


1. Curves

    A lot of guys find women confident when they know how to accentuate their curves. And thankfully, there are lots of tricks on how to appear curvy than you really are. For instance,  you can wear peplum tops, body-hugging blouses, and form-fitting dresses or pants.  Apart from that, you can also cinch your waist with a belt to give you curves at the right places.

    Models are wearing: Red backless slip dress, crochet sheath dress, glam maxi dress
    2. Comfortable yet Stylish Look

    Even if you want to dress to impress, it's still important to wear clothes that you're comfortable with. A keen observer can tell whether you're feeling uncomfortable or not. Plus, guys love it when you know how to wear comfy clothes in a stylish manner.

    Models are wearing: Lace raglan sleeve top, grey studded shoulder denim blazer, army green fly chiffon cardigan


    3. Sexy Shoulders

    There's no denying that confidence is sexy. And one way to show that you are comfortable in your own skin and your playful personalityl is to show off your sexy shoulders. Strapless rompers, dresses and tops can help you do just that.

    Model is wearing: Off shoulder knit dress, floral off shoulder romper, one shoulder chiffon blouse


    4. Legs

    Never under estimate your stems because they can make a guy look your way the second or third time around -- it really depends on you. Your legs can be a force to be reckoned with so don't be afraid to show them off. Of course,  pair them with sexy heels and you can be a show stopper.

     Models are wearing: Distressed high waisted shorts, spaghetti strap floral romper, faux leather panel tights


     5. Natural-looking Makeup

    When it comes to makeup, go with "au naturel." As it turned out, a study revealed that men prefer women with minimal makeup. So go ahead and get dolled up. But make sure to stick to highlighting your natural beauty. 

    Image courtesy of StockImages at


     6. Long Hair

    Women with long hair make them look extra feminine, and that's what guys love. Especially, the naturally wavy kind.  Of course, consider your hair texture and face shape before growing your hair.


    Now that you have these ideas, there's no stopping you from looking fabulous. Good luck and happy styling!



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