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5 Bs of Modern Dating You Should Know About

Posted: Feb 04 2015 by Lookbook Store


It's finally the love month.

To kick start the heart month, we thought we'd share to you some dating tips to help you find love despite the increasing popularity of the "hook up" culture.


  1. Be Yourself

Nice girls don't always finish last. Always remember that. Although the cool girls get the most fun, a lot of guys who are looking for real relationship always prefer women they can trust and rely on.


  1. Be Honest

Honesty is always the best policy even in relationships. So if you're not sure if the guy is worth your time, ask yourself, "Am I keeping him around in case I couldn't find someone better?" If so, let him go. Both of you will be doing a big favor by setting each other free for the right person to come along. It might hurt, but you'll see the light of day in the long run.


  1. Be open-minded

It's okay to have list of qualities for a guy you want to date, but don't close your doors if someone walks in to your life who can only tick one or three items off your list. People are not perfect. He may not be buff or tall, but you'll never know if he's thoughtful or smart if you don't give him a shot.


  1. Be forgiving

If things don't work out as you would expect them to be, just let it go. Don't take rejections or failures personally. Chances are he's not right for you at all.


  1. Be patient.

In a parallel world, there's probably a timeline you should follow, like date at 22, tie the knot at 25, get knocked up at 27, but that isn't the case in the real world, which is so much better by the way. So be patient. It's not a race anyway. Just enjoy life and everything will fall into place.

Love comes unexpectedly so if you haven't found the right man, just chill. After all, the love month isn't just for couples. You can celebrate February 14th with your family and friends. Spread the love!



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