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Top 4 Items That Can Enliven Your Clothes

Posted: Jan 30 2015 by Lookbook Store

Fashion is a way of self-expression. A way of life for most of us. And that's one of the reasons a lot of us can't have enough clothes in our closet.

Of course, when clothes are worn all the time, they start to look like a fashion crime. The best way to keep them looking vibrant is to care for them properly.

And one of the best ways to do it is to have the following items on hand:


  1. Full-length mirror

"The Girl in the Mirror" by Atena used with CC by 2.0


Apart from the obvious reason of using this to check how you look before you step out the door, a mirror can help you see the condition of your clothes when worn. It helps you see if there are any loose seams that need repair as well. If you lack the space, just attach one on the side of a closet door or at the back of your bedroom door.


  1. Set of quality hangers

Delicate clothing pieces such as a lace dress or a knitted top, won't last very long when not hung properly. With the wrong type of hangers, your delicate pieces can easily fray or lose their shape.


  1. Iron or Steamer

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Yes, we know. Ironing is boring and time-consuming. But using them is one way to keep creases away. And in case you don't know, it's a major fashion faux pas to wear wrinkled clothes. It's just not clean and smart to look at.


  1. Lint Roller

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If you're fond of wearing dark-colored clothes, you might want to keep a lint roller handy. They can keep dark colors looking vibrant without the annoying bits and pieces of fluff that mostly torment, well, dark hued clothes.

Clothes, like a human body, can be in good shape when they're given proper care. So be sure to read the care instructions before you wash your clothes and consider using these items. Who knows when you might them. Good luck!



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