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10 Clothing Hacks Girls Should Know

Posted: Jan 22 2015 by Lookbook Store

Being a girl is tough. Apart from dealing with boy problems, you also have to deal with fashion. Although, having a pile of closet is great, they can be a burden at times.

Fortunately, there are clothing hacks that can make the life of a fashion enthusiast bearable. Below is a list of clothing tricks we've found in the world wide web that can make life a whole lot easier.


1. Repair runs on tights and stockings



 2. No time to sew the hems of your skirts, tops, or trousers? No problem.


Get detailed instructions here.


3. Find the perfect necklace to go with your dress or top.



4. An easy-peasy way to break in a new pair of shoes.

Image source: agapelovedesigns.com

Want to learn the secret? Click here.


 5. A chic way to tuck non-skinny jeans into tall boots.

 This neat tip can be found at Listotic.com


 6. Layer clothes without looking frumpy.

 image source: franish.blogspot.com


7. Stretch jeans to fit without the sweat.

The easy-peasy way can be found here.


8. Chic ways to tie a belt.

Image source: fashionrolla.com 


9. Re-fashion torn clothes.

 Apparently, Design Mom has it going. Just brilliant!



10. Remove icky gum from jeans.

Learn how to remove icky gum here.


And that's it, lovelies. Who would've thought there are simple solutions to our clothing problems? Well, if you've got more tips to share, please do through our comment section below.


Have a great day!



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